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Tinker Bell On Main St. Lamps...


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  • Tinker Bell On Main St. Lamps...

    I was at Disneyland tonight and noticed some of the lamps on Main St. have a gold Tinker Bell on top of them. Plus a few have what's supposed to be pixi dust around the actual glass lamp, leading up to Tinker Bell. I'm guessing all the gold lamps will have this.

    It looks really cool and adds such a magical touch! So I'm assuming that the usual banners that are normally put out on the lamps for special occassions will not be there during the 50th celebration, and that Tinker Bell is replacing the banners for the anniversary.

    And in my opinion, I think it's great that no banners are being used on Main St. and that Tink has taken looks FABULOUS!!

    I took a picture of it tonight, but it didn't come out too well. I'll have to take one during the day...when it really shines! This is all very exciting, I can't wait for May 5th to get here!

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    saw them also today...about half of the lamps have Tink up...there will be two beautiful hanging flower baskets underneath each lamp with blue, gold and raspberry colored floral arrangments.

    Kudos to the Decorating and Landscaping and Paint Departments for all of the hard work they have been doing.:bow:

    The Park will dazzle by wednesday!
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      They always have the best flowers. I have yet to see an ugly floral arrangement in the park.
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        Additionally, the pixy dust that swirls around it will be lighted! Word on the street is, that the Tinker Bell addition was something of an afterthought and have been scrambling to finish!

        They look just great and really make the gold on the lampposts seem, um, more appropriate and less garish.
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          Pictures, we need pictures!

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            Originally posted by Evan-500
            Pictures, we need pictures!
            I will be at the park tomorrow. I will try to get pictures then.
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              ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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                This sounds so cool. I cant wait to see it.


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                  heres a picture


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                    Wow! Thos look stunning! I was imagining it more 'cheap' looking as people described it. But this looks great!


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                      The Lamps look amazing!
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                        Now we need a night photo to see if they do light up.
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                          THAT IS SO AMAZING! Oh wow, thats incredible.... I really like it!

                          ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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                            Wow.... beautiful.

                            You know what, I don't even CARE that that's not period! It's a fantastic change for the 50th celebration, I love it!

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                              So pretty, so beautiful, so...



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