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  • Bummer

    well, you know i try not to get hung up on semantics, but this is really sad...

    i was getting my tivo all loaded up this morning to record all the things that will be covering the may 5th DL extravaganza, and this is what they have listed for the Good Morning America program.

    Good Morning America

    (2005) The celebration of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World; a report on the grapple. CC, Series

    *sigh* i'm glad we're all celebrating WDW's 50th.....btw, what's with the grapple report? LOL

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    haha! Who was the pinhead who did that?! I was getting overly excited for this too...oh well.


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      Oh, the delights and disgusts of the TiVo.
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        I wonder if they will actually be in WDW, it would be funny to see them in DL, and there all like, here we are from WDW, errr what were in disneyland? OH [email protected]#%

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          Disney is partially responsible for this mis-conception as they have WDW advertisements about celebrating Disneylands 50th.......unless you were really paying attention to the ad you may have thought they were talking about WDW turning 50 because who would think that WDW would celebrate Disneylands 50th? :monkey: ...........
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            I do have to say that the confusion is very uh, confusing? The whole thing with a worldwide is a great marketing strategy but it confuses the hell out of a lot of people. I say Poo Poo on Disney Marketing!
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              *sigh* Better than no publicity at all, I suppose.


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                Regis and Kelly are going to be there for the 50th and on monday! at DCA. then at d-land.
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                  Theres going to be 3 shows from wdw and two from DLR.


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                    I agree- Disney has done nothing but add to this confusion. I have yet to see on single Disneyland ad here in South Dakota. For some reason, they think that people in the midwest are more likely to go to WDW, even though you are the same distance away from both parks!!! It makes me sad that I have missed out on all the marketing. They have missed a huge chunk of the population! I guess they get the money, no matter where you go, but even the WDW ads should at least contain some mention of the fact that it is DISNEYLAND'S BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

                    <end derail/rant>
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                      Yeah, the whole "global celebration" is a waste. It's confusing, insulting, and just plain annoying. I live about 2 - 2.5 hours away from Disneyland and we get MORE Disney World ads than we get Disneyland ads. I LIVE 2 HOURS AWAY! haha. it's really absurd... I see 3-4 WDW ads for every 2 Disneyland ads on TV. I hate it.

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                        Originally posted by dlrfanatic
                        Theres going to be 3 shows from wdw and two from DLR.
                        Which shows? I want to know what channels to tape. And will they all be on May 5th or also on the 4th?


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                          I just checked on the TV Guide website and it said this about the Good Morning America taping..."A report on Disneyland's 50th anniversary". yay.


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