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    My first pass was a Premium in 2002. It was a gift from my husband. This is the third year we have had passes. I cannot imagine life without them.
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      My wife and I went to WDW for our Honeymoon in 2000.

      For our first anniversary, we went to Disneyland (and to see DCA). We saw the price difference from a 3 day hopper to Annual Passes, and it was an easy decision, especially since we are so close. We upgraded to Premium Passes the next year, since we used them so much.
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        1984 at age 8 and every year since then. I have grown up at the place, literally.
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          February 1984. After it expired, I didn't renew until June 1985 (they made you turn in your old pass when you renewed back then), and when that one expired, I didn't get another pass (the short-lived 3 season pass) in January of 1987, and when that one expired, I didn't have an annual pass until March 1995, which I renewed every year until 2000, when I moved to Stockton, and purchased one in September 2002, and when that expired, I renewed in March 2004, and have had one ever since.
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            April 29, 2003. Thought it would be a good idea to spend time with my daughter during the summer. Went about 10 times that year. Now we go every couple of days. Couldn't live without it!
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              I got my first AP (Premium) Christmas 2002. I bought them as a gift for my fiancee. Have had one ever since, but may not renew next year if the price keeps going up!
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                My first annual pass was in 1990 for DL's 35th Anniversary Celebration. I've had passes off and on since then, and currently hold the SoCal one. This year I truly feel the resort has outdone themselves in bringing out the nostolgia. They did a wonderful job in 1990, and the 40th was nice, but this seems like it's going to be an amazing 18 months. I can't wait to see the fireworks.

                BTW, I'm brand new here on micechat, but I post on LP and other boards from time to time. hi!


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                  My first was when I was three, during the 35th anniversary. My whole family had them, and it we went almost every day in the summer to see if we could win the new car they always gave away. Of course, we failed, but we still have the tickets they gave you for the contest! And they have all sorts of characters on them, from Mickey to the Gummi Bears.
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