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POTC red head big fig


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  • POTC red head big fig

    I have seen one pic of this new big fig online, and the quality of the pic is not the best. If any of you have seen this in person, how does it look? I am thinking of picking one up to compliment my Auctioneer Big Fig when I go to the park next (One of the next 2 saturdays) Thanks!

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    Re: POTC red head big fig

    It looks fabulous in my opinion! It's very beautiful, and I remember being impressed most by the quality of the little shoes they put on her.


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      Re: POTC red head big fig

      It would match the Auctioneer perfectly! Want a pic of the two together, once you get them.
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      it's what they are like in their HEART!

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        We didn't take a picture of the Auctioneer since he was available at, but here's a picture of the redhead.

        I'm not interested in either big fig, but the redhead seems to be a good complement to the Auctioneer. I believe the stand you see to the left of the redhead is the Auctioneer. I'll try to take a picture of both of them tomorrow if I remember and get the chance.


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