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5/2 - LA Times Piece On DL's 50th


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  • 5/2 - LA Times Piece On DL's 50th

    Article in The Los Angles Times this morning.

    "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between." Oscar Wilde

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    'Why should I go to Disneyland? I'd rather play my video game at home,'
    How sad is that comment?!?!?!?


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      Going the right direction

      I believe that if Walt was still around, more interactive rides would have been already designed and deployed. Video games aren't that new. Anyone who has played them knows how fun they are. I am sure Walt would have loved them too. Things have changed since the 1950's. Books now have multiple endings to them. Movies come with alternate endings. Amusement park rides should also change. We already have a ToT that has four possiblities. People love it. In this vain, Walt might have suggested the following:

      1) Rides that end in multiple possibilities. Maybe three different outcomes. People would ride them over and over and talk about which one they got.

      2) Rides that give control. How about going into Indy and really having three doors to choose from which go to three different tracks that have three different adventures!

      3) Rides that compete with other guests. We all like the idea of racing. Rides that challenge the rider to pick and choose outcomes that delay or speed up the rider would be immensely popular. You could have three buttons on the dash that allows you to make the choice.

      This is the future of amusement parks, and I believe Disney!


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