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~sigh~ Becoming addicted to Disneyland...


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  • ~sigh~ Becoming addicted to Disneyland...

    My husband and I have the premium annual passes, so we go all the time, but I still can't get enough of it. Even more so, now that I've joined this board! You guys make me wanna go and meet up and look for little details in the parK I've never thought to look for before!!

    Today is Monday, and I SO didn't want to come to work today. I totally could have ditched work with my husband and gone to DL all day and just hung out.

    But no.

    We need the money.


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    All I can say is wellcome to the club.. Hahahaa or should I say family.. even tho we maybe freaks at times but more like enthusiast we love our disneyland. =).. hahaha
    We rock the party that rocks the party!
    We are truly a new generation of the Brady Bunch!


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      hahah, no I don't think you're Disney freaks (although I HAVE heard that sterotype talked about before!)

      I can totally see how you guys are really enthusiastic about this kind of stuff. I'm becoming that way too! I guess we all love Disney because it reminds us of our youth. I know everytime I go to DL, and I ride a certain ride, or eat a certain food, I always remember, "Oh yeah! I remember my dad used to love this ride!" or "My mom used to love to get this ice cream before we left the park!" It's just happy memories.

      And can I tell you guys I am SO excited about the new fireworks show? I've been looking at the video for it, and the pictures some people have posted and I can tell it's going to be so beautiful and amazing!!

      I can't wait!!!!


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        Yes, we are all addicted!

        Maybe we should start a 12 step program
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          Yes, I'm addicted. Going to meets and meeting fellow mice chatters helps increase the excitement. Prior to joining here, I was doing DL alone. I've since hung iut almost all day with a few mice chatters (one closed down the park with me)...and it's soooooo much fun going with a fellow Disney fan!!!!
          Katie :yea:
          Founding member of the BA I LOVE us!!!
          :sc: FIGHT ON!!!!!!


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            I was in that boat about 3 to 4 years ago. We were at the parks every week, going to meets, etc.

            Now ... not so much. There is such a thing as being burned out on Disney. And we were there last year. We actually went from last August to April with no DL. We did get withdrawals towards the end.

            I still don't think we will ever get back into the going weekly and doing meets all of the time, but I think once ever 2 months is not out of the question.


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              Originally posted by ni_teach
              Yes, we are all addicted!

              Maybe we should start a 12 step program
              Why would you want to be cured?


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                Originally posted by ni_teach
                Yes, we are all addicted!

                Maybe we should start a 12 step program
                hi my name is Tinkerbelle and I am addicted to Disneyland....It's been 22 months since my last trip and I must get back to the park soon
                ....and I have no desire to be cured,


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                  "Yes, I'm a natural blue"


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                    I tried to explain to my parents about May 5th and the anniversary and they didn't understand why I wanted to be there that day. "What are you going to do?" "Stand in lines, mostly." "But why?" Eh, just wait 'til I get them out here and into the park!
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