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I'm Broke! - DisneyDirect has new Merchandise


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  • I'm Broke! - DisneyDirect has new Merchandise

    Well it's official - I need to take a 3rd job.

    The first wave of 50th collectibles is up at DisneyDirect including the very cool red and blue monorails.

    This stuff is very cool but also expensive. Given how quickly the initial CD set sold out last week, I was not going to hesitate.

    If you haven't seen some of this stuff, it is definitely worth checking out!
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    I love the lamp, absolutely love it! And the ELP Figurine too!

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      I hate being a Disneyland fan right now. Seeing all this amazing stuff but not being able to buy any of it cause I'm broke.

      Ahh... somebody shoot me!

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        The items are nice.....the lamp is awesome!


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          I hit massive brain overload when I checked out the Disney Direct Web site this morning. So much neat stuff. I can't really afford much (although I wish I had me one of them Monorails). I finally settled on the Main Street Info Booth and Tomorrowland Ticket Booth. Retro, fun, a wee bit practical, and they should fit in with my monorail setup.
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            Wow, I really like the warning with the Moonliner lamp:
            WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth defects or other reproductive harm. Sorry, no gift boxing available.


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              So what is everyone ordering? I got the 300 LE Blue Monorail, the 2 pewter minuature sets and the 2 boxed pin sets. I am dwelling on the lamp right now. I really need to save money for some other items coming in June that DisneyGallery has posted on their site. DL is gonna send me to the poor house!
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                aahhh... That leather jacket, the cd collection, the electric parade figurine!! Can i borrow 500.00 hahaha anyone.. ahahah Man sucks No extra cash to spend on all thise cool new things.. But seriously the jacket will be mine.. hahaha But if they had one that was all black with jsut the 50th mickey logo on the back and a small one inthe front its over.. Id buy that right now..
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                  I woke this morning at 2:00 am to see the new items. I ended up ordering the following:

                  Disneyland Red Monorail Mark 1 Replica LE 1959
                  Sleeping Beauty Castle Lamp LE 1500
                  Disneyland Map Framed Pin Set LE 1500
                  Main Street Information Booth w/pin LE 1500
                  Space Mountain Figurine LE 1500
                  Rocket To The Moonliner Lamp LE 1000
                  Disneyland Blue Monorail Mark 1 Replica LE 500
                  Main Street Boxed Pins (set of 8) LE 1500
                  Disneyland 50th Leather Jacket LE 1200
                  Tomorrowland Boxed Pin Set (set of 8) LE 1500
                  Tomorrowland 1967 Ticket Booth w/pin LE 1500

                  What did everyone else buy?


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                    I splurged -

                    I bought both pewter sets, both boxed pin sets, the two tick booths and the Blue Monorail.

                    I am toying with buying a red monrail too - yikes.
                    The Mur
                    Two different worlds.....we live in two different worlds


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                      I just keeping looking at the items...I have not ordered anything eyes say yes but my wallet says no!


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