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  • Tiki Juice Bar and stuff

    I got to the park at about 9 last night and went straight for Indy. To my surprise, I found that the juice bar was still open, whereas the day before, it had closed at about 5 (I think). So, I asked the CM working the bar what the deal was. She explained that for the 50th celebration they would be open until the park closed, starting yesterday because that was the beginning of the new week. The CM seemed tired (and a little grumpy) so I didn't push for more details, meaning I'm not sure if this is going to be for the entire 18 month celebration, the summer, or this week only. Anyway, for any Dole Whip fans out there, you should be able to get your treat up until park closing for at least this week.

    Also, (and totally unrelated) when I went on POTC last night, I noticed that at the end the two pirates trying to push the treasure up the hill had been changed. It seems like their treasure has been covered by a pirate flag, with a few gold items on top so as not to stand out very much. This is not how I remember this part. Anyone know what's up, what they got under there?

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    Oh my goodness! Late night Dole Whip?!?!

    I always want to go and get a Dole Whip, but it closes at 5, and I can't get to the park generally until about 5:30 ish. Now I know I can get my Dole Whip any time after classes let out!
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      Mmmmmmmmm I cant wait to get one this thursday!!!

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        OK, I think I should add a disclaimer. Like I mentioned in the original post, I didn't get all the details from the CM, though what I put is what I'm pretty sure she meant. I would really hate for someone to head out there and be really disappointed by my misguided information. Maybe someone could go and do some more research, try and firm this up a bit?


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          Originally posted by zach1
          I got to the park at about 9 last night and went straight for Indy. To my surprise, I found that the juice bar was still open,
          I was there last night also and saw the same thing. It looked like it was doing good business even after dark.

          Also I went into the Tike Room at about 7:30 and filled the room about 50%. Which I think is fairly good for a Sunday Night.
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            I was at the park at closing and it was still open up until 11:00 last night. The Tiki room itself seemed to have a decent crowd all throughout the day as well.


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              I noticed that pirate flag too a few weeks ago. No clue what's under it!
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