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(News) Make a Wish makes dreams come true at Disneyland


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  • (News) Make a Wish makes dreams come true at Disneyland

    From today:

    "Amir Grinberg experienced strong emotions during his trip to California. It was a fulfillment of his dying daughter's wish.

    His daughter, an Israeli named Shane of Ramt-Negv, coaxed her father into promising that he would help chaperone a trip to Southern California with terminally ill children who wished to go. Shane had made this same trip herself a few years ago.

    Shane had a malignant tumor that had started in her eye and spread. She died seven months after her Disneyland adventure.

    This time 30 people, including 19 cancer patients aged 11-19, came to Disneyland thanks to Larger Than Life -- Israel's version of the Make a Wish Foundation. The trip includes a two week stay in the west coast, going to Las Vegas and other tourist destination. But for many, Disneyland was the ultimate stop.

    "This is a dream come true," said Sharon Packer, a 16 year old cancer patient."

    More at the link above.

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    Re: (News) Make a Wish makes dreams come true at Disneyland


    Dreams DO really come true! I feel like turning in my AP to someone more needy than I............


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