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Yet another castle question


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  • Yet another castle question

    Everyone "knows" that Walt Disney modeled Sleeping Beauty Castle after the castle in Neuschwanstein.

    Where is this fact documented? Other than the resemblance, and Walt's visit there once, is there anything in the archives that nails this down as fact?

    In one of the progress report broadcasts in 1954, Winston Hibler clearly states that they found the plans for Sleeping Beauty Castle in France, "buried away in a dusty archive." He goes on to say they did not build the castle in complete detail, but modified some portions.

    Anyone know for sure?
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    I'm not sure if this is "official" enough for you, but I noticed on Saturday that there is a window display outside of the old entrance to the castle walk through that has a number of pictures of both Sleeping Beauty castle, as well as the other castles it was based on. In addition, there is a little spiel about the inspirtation and such. The display is very similar to the type that they have in the windows of the Emporium.


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      this is all I could find...not sure how "official" it is, but interesting still...


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