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May 2nd - Photos of the new Fireworks, Parade, and much more


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  • May 2nd - Photos of the new Fireworks, Parade, and much more

    I just finished up 3 photo albums from Monday...

    My favorite is the Fireworks set, some really nice shots in this album...

    Next is a set from the Parade of Dreams, not happy with the lighting, but will take more Tomorrow, hopefully they will be better...

    Plus a general look around, including some good shots of some of the new mosaics....

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    SO AWESOME!!! GREAT PICS!!! I want to see it again. Hehe. It was SO beautiful.


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      awesome! where do they project the images during the fireworks show?


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        Images are projected on the castle and the matterhorn throughout the show. My favorite use of this would HAVE to be the ducks during the shooting gallery segment.


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          You amaze me with your picture taking. You are an artist.

          Mousefest 2008 here we come


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            The amount of smoke that the show creates is staggering! But it looks like it will be AMAZING!
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              the best part is when the finish the first set and Start the attractions sequence, nobody knows whats going on so they start to leave :lol:
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                I am soooo trying hard not to look at these pics. I want it to be a surprise for 5/5!!!! But it's verrrry tempting!
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                  OMG! Those colors are just too beautiful to believe. Darkbeer, where was your exact location, cause that's where I wanna be when I see it!!! Wow, Man I still got 75 days til I can see it for real.
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                    Thanks Darkbeer! Clearest Pics I've seen of the show so far by FAR!
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