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DCA and Disneyland in 5 hours


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  • DCA and Disneyland in 5 hours

    Last Thursday - 4/28 - a friend and I did a 5 hour visit to the Disney Resort. First stop - DCA. Grabbed a fast pass for tower and looked for lunch. Since my friend is a vegaterian, we had a tough time finding anything to eat. Add to that - all the restaurants in the area of TOT were closed or offered hot dogs. Ended up eating at Soaring. Took a ride on soaring (5 minute wait), walked-on screamin', and walked-on TOT (with expired fastpass). Off to Disneyland.

    With 3 1/2 hours left, walked-on Matterhorn, walked-on Buzz Lightyear, walked-on Pirates, Walked-on Mansion, Walked-on Indy, and finally, walked-on Tiki. Took 25 minutes to get gold ears, and we were back at the car.

    Comments: First trip to DCA and Loved the big three rides. Soaring should be in every flight museum in the world! TOT is amazing, and California Screaming was a fun "nice family coaster". Liked the launch.

    Disneyland looks GREAT! I think the constant badgering from this and other web sites have paid off in spades. Didn't take (or have) time to really soak it up, but it was obvious from the gates.

    Note to self: Going to Disney on a cloudy day - a week before a big deal - pay's off in short lines and happy cast members.

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    I hope the same is true for when we go -- May 11-14!


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      Glad to hear that you had a great time. Sounds like a whirlwind visit!


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        Soarin' now offers food? Peanuts and soda? I think you mean Taste Pilot's Grill ......
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          I thought Tower of Terror got its Fastpass system ripped out.


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            Learning the terms...

            Taste Pilot's Grill was the restaurant. Good food too! ToT still has the fast pass, but like I said, it wasn't really needed


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