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Going to the park in 29 days ~ Need help


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  • Going to the park in 29 days ~ Need help

    Hi all! Long time reader, first time poster. I will be visiting the park for a very special trip this year. I plan to propose to my girlfriend and I was wondering if anyone had any infomation on whether the castle will be under tarps (or being worked on for annual refurbs) on Oct 20? Thank you in advance for any help, suggestions and/or taking the time to read this.

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    Re: Going to the park in 29 days ~ Need help

    Not sure about the castle, but If I were you, I'd call Disneyland City Hall and explain your intentions to them. They're really nice about anniversaries and birthdays and such. I bet they'd love to help you. I'm sure they won't stop the tarp if those are their plans, but besides that they'd probably give you one or the other prince and princess to make this a special event for your princess and yourself.


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