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  • new disneyland merchandise at disneydirect just put up some new disneyland stuff

    GO LOOK! its awesome

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    thanks for the link (not).

    Good lord, $300 for the Mark I monorail replicas? Count me out of that one. I'd like a monorail model, but something affordable, please. Obviously these were made for the same wealthy geeks who collect those $3000 Star Wars maquettes and whatnot.
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      There was a time when I was totally obsessed (age 11 or 12?) and I would have bought all of that great stuff. It isn't now. I can still feel the rush from long ago and its fun to look at it.
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        Yikes! There are some scary prices on some very cool stuff. Fortunately the pin sets don't seem to be too overpriced...I may need to get those. I especially like the plaque with the opening day speech and the Space Mountain pins.
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