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  • ESPN Zone TR

    Last Monday my co-worker and I went to the Zone to watch Monday night football and have dinner. A few weeks ago I made reservation for
    priority seating.

    Here's a few items:

    The LATEST they would accept a reservation was for 5:00 pm.

    When we arrived and checked in, they said that even though we had priority seating, if we wanted to sit in the 'big' room, with big screen,
    we would have to wait. The wait would be any length of time. Depending
    on when people watching the game decided to leave.

    Because of MNF, there was a minimum charge of $10 per hour, per person.

    So we sat in one of the other rooms. We didn't need Priority seating , there was plenty of room.

    It was disappointing in one sense, because I made priority seating assuming we could watch MNF on the big screen. But we may have sat out in the lobby forever, not to mention the $10 per person, per hour it would have cost.

    But I had an apple/walnut,etc salad that was excellent !! My next trip down I'm gonna go have another one.
    Gawrsh !!

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    Re: ESPN Zone TR

    I love ESPN Zone. Their cheese fries are to die for!

    We sat in the big room during the World Cup...I think it was Portugal vs Angola. The only thing I like about the big room is that I didn't feel rushed to get up and leave right away.

    I can totally understand the $10/hr charge. If they didn't do that there is nothing to stop people from taking up table space and nurse a beer or 2 for the entire game.


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      Re: ESPN Zone TR

      You know I have yet to go to the ESPN Zone. I guess it didn't appeal to me since its a sports bar but if the Dodgers can pull it off I may go there to watch games.

      Ta Da!


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