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No Fireqworks Tonight 5/3


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  • No Fireqworks Tonight 5/3

    Just spoke with folks in the Entertainment office, NO FIREWORKS TONIGHT!!!! They are in a hurry to clear the park, even Main Street is closing at 8:00pm.

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    custodial and matinence crews will probably still get overtime tonight cleaning and fixing everything for the Media tomorrow... (and get out touching up paint as well)


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      Maybe they are going to do a no-guests test.

      Or maybe they are spending a lot of time with little details that can't be completed while guests are at the park!!
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        While the fireworks show went on without a hitch, the parade definitely needs a few kinks worked out. Some of the dance routines didn't hit, and the cast members would look at each other as if they forgot the next move! More practice time please!


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          I belive tonights the night they decorate the castle

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            Hmmm the fireworks seemed to go on pretty much right on with how I saw them last week but with 2 differences. Last week (monday) tinkerbelle made a very short 3rd appearance right before the shennadoah section during the 20 seconds of wishes music, and also during the roger rabbit section of the pyro as the 8 saxons everyone saw yesterday spun there were two more bigger ones INFRONT of the castle that went off at the same time (not on top of it...and not the tink tower ones) that gave the effect that the sparks were falling down the front of the castle. The lack of a 3rd tinkerbelle appearance isnt bad but I LOVED the saxons infront of the castle.


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