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Have you ever had anything stolen while at the park?


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  • Have you ever had anything stolen while at the park?

    Just curious if this has ever happened to any of you...

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    you may find this thread useful SEARCH is your friend


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      I don't know if you would call it 'stolen'...but my son 'lost' his wallet while making a purchase in the park. He was mortified! All of his Disney Dollars (from his grandfather and aunts) were in that wallet, along with his favorite photos of grandma and friends. Almost $50! All he remembered was that he pulled out his wallet to pay for an item and in the moment, laid down his wallet to accept the bag with the item... and the wallet was gone!

      It was a hard lesson...and my heart broke for him when he came to tell us what had happened.

      Needless to say...he is a lot more cautious now! all began with a Mouse...


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        My rented stroller!! everytime I go!! (well used to my kids are too big for strollers now)


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          My story is similar to Lady Peg's.

          Several years ago, my wife set her hat down on a shop counter in New Orleans Square. She left the shop, but forgot her hat. When she went back a few minutes later , the hat was gone.

          Again, the hat was probably stolen, but we goofed (I'll take blame, too, since I was with her) by leaving it behind.
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