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The great thing about having an AP.


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  • The great thing about having an AP.

    What do YOU like about having an AP?


    P.S. Sorry for anyone who does not yet have an AP.

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    *cries* Stop teasing.
    Well, light travels from the sun. Then, bounces off of our planet, and back into our eyes so we can perceive color. My body can intercept that light and dance around on it!

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      I TOTALLY understand what you mean about the AP's. My husband and I got our premium passes last year and we are going to renew them every year.

      I never took the time to appreciate how beautiful and magical the park is. I was always spending too much time calculating how many rides I could go in the short amount of time I was there when I paid at the gate.

      Having a pass is absolutley incredible. And we live only 4 miles from the park, so a lot of times my husband and I will go just to see Fantasmic! Or we'll go after dinner to get a churro and walk around the park and just take it all in.

      It's wonderful! Best investment ever!!!!


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        Originally posted by robotpirates
        *cries* Stop teasing.
        Im sorry. I do not mean to brag or tease.


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          My fiance and I just got our premium passes. Sort of an early wedding present to each other. Anway, we had some time on Saturday night, so we decided to head on down to the park. We took a stroll around, (that's right, a stroll) enjoyed a few rides, enjoyed the details of the park. I even discovered a new favorite of mine: the shooting exposition. I had never bothered to waste my time there before, I had other more important things to do. Not anymore. I don't know if they made any major changes during the refurb, but that thing is sweet. Anyway, we stayed until closing, just enjoying the park and each other.

          Best part about having an AP? Easy. Sunday night. Same story. Went just because we could. Oh, and that 50 cents in my pocket, that got used on some shootin'.


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            Originally posted by robotpirates
            *cries* Stop teasing.
            I second that thought. I would be so happy if I could manage to get to the park for a few days just once a year. Unfortunately, until I move far far away from here, that is highly unlikely.
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              that's it--I am moving to disneyland! soon. i swear. really, truly. brown air be damned!
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                Last edited by Tinkerbarbie; 12-17-2005, 02:20 AM.


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                  Originally posted by Fantasmico!
                  that's it--I am moving to disneyland! soon. i swear. really, truly. brown air be damned!
                  Orange County has no brown air. Thats LA!!!!


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                    Things I like about my Premium AP...

                    10. Free Parking
                    9. Quarterly Newsletters
                    8. Discounts at most restaurants.
                    7. Discounts at most of the stores.
                    6. AP area of the Website
                    5. Lunch or Dinner in the park, no hassle.
                    4. Satisfy my POTC craving with out having to pay 53 a pop...
                    3. The ability to enjoy the park through out the seasons...
                    2. Disneyland durring the holidays.
                    1. I can go any time I visit family in San Dimas - even on weekends and can take them because they have AP's too...
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                    • #11
                      I love everything about the AP that YOU love, gibbage!
                      Member of the Disney Class of 2005
                      Disneyland CM for 4 years.
                      May 6, 2005 - present.


                      • #12
                        I have to agree totally. I usually visit the park after work and to pick up my honey!

                        It is totally a different state of mind on an AP! I wander around, talk to cast member friends, sit and people watch and on occassion jump on a ride if the line is short.

                        I find, after a stressful day at work, just walking in those gates makes all the worrys of the day disappear!! I am relaxed and SO peaceful!!

                        I think, now that I have my pass, I couldn't go back to paying for a ticket for a day!!

                        LOVE MY AP!!!!!


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by viewaskewniverse
                          Having a pass is absolutley incredible. And we live only 4 miles from the park, so a lot of times my husband and I will go just to see Fantasmic! Or we'll go after dinner to get a churro and walk around the park and just take it all in.

                          It's wonderful! Best investment ever!!!!
                          I can't wait until fall to do things like that! I have a premium AP and I don't new the newsletter? What is the deal with that? I like the fact that when I go on vacation I can rush to to the hotel, drop my bags, grab my eeyore bag and pin bag and go to the park, relax and just realize where I am. I need to SEE IT so I can stop being ansy and get some sleep. I get so excited I just need to see it. In Jan. I went in the rain to Downtown Disney and bought pins and then walked back to a hotel I didn't know it was across the street. Quite fun and totally worth it. I also like being able to go without having to feel rushed on my park hopper ticket. If my mom has a 5 day ticket and we are there 7 days I can go more and just do and see what I want.


                          • #14
                            Gibbage, you nailed it. I've said the same exact things several times in here on other threads.

                            I've gone to the parks when stressed out before, just to calm, sit, relax, and think; just for a meal, and even to wait out afternoon traffic. There is nothing in the world like sitting with a good book in a Plaza Inn sunroom with a cup of coffee on a winter evening.

                            Disneyland is beautiful, magical; it is indeed the attraction in and of itself that Gibbage mentioned. I've enjoyed so much watching my friends undergo that same transformation when they realize what a great "park" Disneyland is once they hold that magic plastic card.


                            • #15
                              I love going whenever I feel like it Not having to worry about missing any of the rides cause I can go again the next day or week and go on it then.

                              Orlando doing good

                              Princess of Randomness


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