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9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)


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  • 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

    So my little family and I headed over to the parks yesterday for some much needed R and R. (Bear with me as I am a total amateur with a camera)
    Upon arrival we were herded up to the Goofy section of the parking lot.
    Not sure why, the other levels were quite empty......but I digress. We headed down to the tram waiting area where some of the signs remain on display,

    and then we were at the DCA entrance in no time.
    Our first stop was GRR and it was a beautiful day for it. Not too cold, not too hot, just right (Goldilocks style)

    I think the bear looks like a wolf.

    We walked through the Redwood Creek challenge trail,

    towards Golden State Park

    Ah, no crowds! wonderful!

    While strolling over to the Orange Stinger

    we ran into some 'Cars'. (...get it? ran into? no? nevermind....)

    While waiting in line at the Orange Stinger I got a shot of the Sun Wheel and California Screamin

    and then an action shot.

    Mulholland Madness and the Dino

    I couldn't resist getting this picture of 'Tow-Mater' with my DH and DD. His eyes are animated and I caught him just as he was looking at them.

    No crowds here

    We went on the Sourdough bread tour, look it's Mickey!

    and the Tortilla place has some nice fall colors

    From there we headed off to Bugs Land. I love the detail here,

    and then we went to see 'It's hard to be a bug', great show.
    Here's my daughter under a dung heap, yuck, don't get to say that everyday.

    Do you guys know where he is located?

    After that we made our last ride at DCA Soarin over California. Sorry, no pics there but it was great as always.
    After that we went over to Disneyland! (yeah! crowd cheering)
    Our first stop, the Halloween costume shop, great vintage decorations

    Next was Pirates of course, welcome aboard Cap'n Jack Sparrow!

    Indiana Jones was a fastpass and may have been the longest line of the day at about 15 minutes. (definitely not a complaint)
    This time it felt a bit stronger than on other trips but then again we did get front row but the rat room didn't feel any different.....As we exited the Indy area we stopped in front of the Monkey God to greet the "Jungle Cruisers" and we greeted them in grand monkey style, scratching our heads and such. We got a smile a out of everyone onboard. =)
    Still couldn't find crowds at this park either.

    Here I am with my daughter Jackie, and Hector, a wonderful family friend.
    Got some shots of the castle crowns

    We boarded the Carousel

    so much to see

    and then to the Teacups. I tried to take advantage of the waning sunlight.

    I turned around and had this view near the Teacups

    and this one of the fall flowers

    I went to restrooms nearby and I apologize but I had to to take these

    I felt like playing poker after that.
    The entrance to each of the restrooms...

    On the way back

    Then we had a request for IASW

    my husband isn't a big fan of this ride but he was a good sport.
    Once we were done with that we went to the Toon Town Railroad station

    We got off at the Tomorrowland station and got in line for Autopia, about a 10 minute wait. When we finished our drive we had a great castmember that shared some funny moments with us.
    After that it was Space Mountain, virtually a walk-on. Then I ran into a co-worker (Hi Karina!) It was so nice to see someone else I know there.
    After a quick round of hellos, introductions, and goodbyes we went to Buzz Lightyears Astro-Blasters where I proceeded to hit a couple of hidden targets while playing against my husband. No, he wont be hearing the end of it until our next trip. hee hee hee.

    Hector, Jackie and I rode Space Mtn, and then I did some window shopping while they played in the arcade.
    After that the day was drawing to a close so we squeezed in a few more laughs on Peter Pan (about 20 minutes in line) and finally no trip is complete for our family unless we finish with the Jungle Cruise. CM 'Erik with a K' delivered al the corniest jokes with great timing.
    Granted, some favorites were closed for refurbishment such as the Matterhorn or HM for holiday layover it was a wonderful day.
    What time is the 3 o'clock parade?

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    Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

    Great photos! Im going to have to see those bathrooms, I have never seen them before


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      Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

      Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing! Your daughter is totally cute, by the way!

      :yea: I <3 SPACEMOUNTAIN!!!!!!!!!:yea:


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        Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

        thanks for the great photos - I haven't been in the Alice bathroom in years - love the doors! - great picture too. I'm going in there next time


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          Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

          Really nice pictures, what cam are u using


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            Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

            Yeah, those pics of the stalls/cards make me want to use them! LOL

            Tiggerific pic of the Matterhorn with the Mickey balloon!

            Thanks for taking the time to post!


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              Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

              Awesome Zoom. What camera/lens do you have?


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                Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                Thanks for sharing. I've never noticed the dung heap before in "it's tough to be a bug." I have not yet seen the Alice bathrooms in person. Oh, and your daughter is very cute!


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                  Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                  It's funny, in all my years of going to DL I'd never been to those restrooms. I was just standing there. On my way out, I took the picture and this lady walked in and gave me a nasty look. I just smiled at her. My husband always says 'kill em with kindness'. Not easily done, but in hindsight a good choice.

                  On a happier note:my favorite pics of the day....

                  Here's Jackie early in the day as we wait for the tram with a super-smile, pretty much sums up how I feel when we're all there

                  and on our way out at the top of the parking structure, already looking forward to our next trip Jackie asks "When are we coming back?" (sorry, it's a little blurry)

                  Oops, I almost forgot; the type of camera:

                  Nikon CoolPix L1 available at Costco I believe for around $200 (It was a Mothers Day gift)
                  Last edited by Paola; 09-21-2006, 05:51 PM. Reason: camera type
                  What time is the 3 o'clock parade?



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                    Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                    Great report! I wish at times that we were living as close to DL as you folks who get to make day trips!


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                      Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                      I love your photos! Especially the ones of the castle crowns, I never noticed that snake or the Tinkerbells!


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                        Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                        ummm...amateur? those pics are great!!! you have a real talent! i loved all of them! kinda made me wish i got to go more often

                        love the pics of the bathroom stalls...i almost took a pic like that when i was there in the summer
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                          Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                          Nice pictures! The one of your daughter waiting for the tram is too cute.
                          -Jack :geek:
                          Doc Brown had 2 Deloreans!


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                            Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                            What a fabulous trip report!!! I loved all the photos, especially the ones in Fantasy Land. Evening is my favorite time in that area. I love when the sun is going down how it just gets more magical!!! Thanks so much for sharing all those!!


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                              Re: 9-20-06 DL and DCA trip report with pics =)

                              well I loved these pics !! I was impressed and you have a great eye for detail!! thank you I enjoyed very much.


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