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Am I the only person who really likes a long, rushed DL day?


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  • Am I the only person who really likes a long, rushed DL day?

    Seems like I've seen a lot of threads extolling the virtues of the AP because you can take the park at a leisurely pace, stop and smell the roses, etc, etc. Am I the only person out there who really enjoys taking DL on in commando mode? I love not stopping to eat. I think it's extremely fun. I love being the person who runs with everyone else's tickets to get FPs while they go shopping. It's just the way I am. Have been for the 14 years I've been going to DL (and I started at 6, which seems pretty late for a lot of the people around here ).

    Is this a type A personality thing? I'm pretty chill about a lot of other aspects of my life, but I like doing DL full throttle. As I've mentioned in other threads, I got the AP because my boyfriend literally could not keep up with me for a full day at DL. I get this kid-like energy where I can sustain myself on pixie dust and churros for a full 16 hours and still be running to get on the last elevator for HM at 11:55, and the idea of going to DL for four hours and leaving with 12 hours left of DL high seems like a big cheat, not a good deal. Then I have DL energy and nowhere to put it. I don't want to go to DL and sit down on a bench and people-watch, either. I can do that at any mall in America.

    Sometimes I think it's nice to make your day at DL earn what you paid for it. Being a non-passholder meant I could justify cajoling my companions into doing DL my way (and I think some of them even enjoyed it!) I don't have the excuse of having paid a high price and wanting to get my money's worth.

    Am I completely alone here? It's not like I didn't see the little details when I didn't have a pass. I still went up to the wheelhouse of the Mark Twain, still watched Fantasmic! and fireworks, still went on the weirder rides in FL. Heck, seems like when I go to DL as a passholder, I only go on my favorite three rides and then jet out because it's already park closing. Back when I paid for a full day, I'd hit that lull around 4pm where I had already been on all the rides I considered really good and would end up loitering in ToonTown. When you arrive at noon, you never get to that state of "how can I have already been on everything...oh yeah, half the rides are in refurb" desperation.

    Am I nuts or what? What's with all you people?

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    Have you had a chance too experance both sides of things? I have, and I much prefer the slower pace.


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      until two years ago I was just like you, commando all the way! then at the end of one frantic trip, too tired to run anymore and nearly a whole day till the shuttle for the airport, my sis and I decided to take dl at a slower pace. what we did we did and did not fret about what we missed. Enlightenment! we liked it so much that last year the whole visit was at an easier pace. we saw everything, rode everything, plus took in atmosphere.
      bless you my child, may you commando your way to enlightenment. peace.
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        I like to go full throttle at DL too. My family tends to not care for it, though. I don't mind stopping for a little while to eat or shop, but when my dad wants to leave for a few hours in the middle of the day to go back to the hotel for a nap it drives me crazy! Or when my mom wants to stop and not do anything for a while, and I try to tell her that we can essentially do that while we are in line for something. So then I drag my sister on a couple of rides with me while mom & dad sit at a table somewhere.

        But in January I will get to go to DL without my family for the first time, and I can make my boyfriend take DL by storm with me!
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          Originally posted by gibbage
          Have you had a chance too experance both sides of things? I have, and I much prefer the slower pace.
          Yes, I have, and I don't.


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            Wisdom comes with age grasshopper

            I am almost to the point that the rides are at the bottom of the list of reasons to go. The atmosphere and details are my intoxicants now....that and I am fat and old


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              The necessity for Commando-mode travel is one reason I don't go to Walt Disney World very often. It's not that relaxing - - too much organization of schedules and reservations and external controls of all things time-and-crowd-related. No sleeping late and still being able to get breakfast - they want you up and out and spazzing and spending at all times.

              Fortunately, Disneyland can be done at a more leisurely, enjoyable, human pace.
              “I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose some of the things of the past.” -- Walt Disney


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                Originally posted by gibbage
                Have you had a chance too experance both sides of things? I have, and I much prefer the slower pace.
                I am usually moving quite fast! But... when I am in the park by myself I tend to move slower. I will see more shows, pay more attention to the little things (like the cats in DCA by Burrr-bank Ice Cream), meet characters and hang out in Fantasyland. I do tend to walk quickly even when I am by myself when I feel the need to. If I was a closer maybe I would move at a slower pace. I can't quite say. I am not as bad as some guests who try to do everything in one day. Since I have done it all (except the new attractions, granted) I don't try TOO hard. I enjoy myself, relax, lanyard surf, pin trade, take pictures and ride the monorail in circles!!


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                  Either way at Disneyland works for me. Lots of time the amount of money I have in my pocket dictates the kind of day I am going to have.


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                    I have to admit, I'm more of a non-stop person myself. I usually will just keep going until my feet feel like they are going to fall off, and then I'm forced to stop for a break. Usually, I try to time that to a parade or a meal where you need to sit for a while. Then, after sitting for a while, I'm ready to start again. Of course, this is probably why most of my friends don't go with me anymore .

                    But, after saying this, I also have had trips where I go more slowly and I still enjoy everything. Of course, having an AP does decrease the urgency to go on every ride.


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                      Theme-park-commandos unite!

                      I've enjoyed the slow leasurly day.... They're nice every once in awhile.....

                      But I MUCH prefer to attack the park. Ride it all, do it all, then ride it all and do it all again the next day. DLR is a buffet that I want to cram as much on my plate as I can, then head right bak up to overfill another plate.....

                      Then again, that may have something to do with the 12 hour round-trip drive, the $75+ in gas, the $65+ per night for hotel.... If I'm spending that much on one of my 4-5 multi-day trips per year, I'm GETTING MY MONEY'S WORTH!!!!!!!!!!

                      It might be different if I lived a few miles away and went 40-50 times a year.


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                        Count me in as a Theme Park commando! I hit the parks at opening, then move, move, move until closing. On my last trip, a two day one during April with off-season hours, I was able to hit 40 rides- (which seemed like a lot)- and they were all rides we wanted to do- not like "let's do Pooh 10 times"


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                          Heehee!! We're a commando family! All five of us are there from opening to closing (unless it's midnight....we'll stay until 10-11 p.m. usually) and we hit all major rides almost everyday, usually repeatedly. Thank goodness we have kids who like this schedule....demand it, actually, because we love it!

                          And after our five day trips, we're usually needing a vacation from our vacation!


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