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Disneyland's Anniversary - A Global Event - Just How Far Are You Traveling?


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  • Disneyland's Anniversary - A Global Event - Just How Far Are You Traveling?

    We read a lot about how Disneyland's Anniversary is a "Global Event". There are special things being added to all the major theme parks.

    Disneyland is in California, and lots of people from all over the world will be traveling there from now until the end of '06'.

    Out of the MiceChatters, who is traveling the farthest to visit Disneyland and celebrate the anniversary?

    I am from Chicago, so I am traveling half way across the country in July, but that is certainly not the farthest. Just wondering what states and countries are represented by MiceChatters planning to visit Disneyland for the anniversary.

    Just thought, with all the Annual Pass holders, maybe a second question.

    Who lives the closest?

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    I live the closest! Disneyland is actually my first home. My house is my second home. I just happen to spend more time at my second home.
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      From Kansas...leaving in about 72 hours


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        1212.2 miles from door to door. Gahhhhhhhhh I wish I were there NOW!

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          We're 1012.1 miles.


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            From our home, it's 995 miles. We're driving down there at the end of July, stopping in Sacramento for a few days to visit family.
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              We're coming from Victoria, west coast of Canada!


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                Oh, about 5.5 miles.....
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                  2,615 miles from my home in Rochester, NY to Anaheim! Thank gosh we are flying...
                  -Kyle, Member of the DCA Lovers Alliance
                  I'M GOING TO YALE!!!!!!!


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                    2769.5 miles from home in Springfield, PA to Disneyland.
                    Ooo, heaven is a place on earth.


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                      According to MapQuest, 2,966.5 miles, but I can't get there until August '06. Guess there's something to be said for the extended celebration!
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                        1636.54 miles from Monroe, SD to Anaheim, CA

                        26 hours to drive- thank God for portable DVD players!
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                          3 Miles, used to walk it as a child.
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                            Approx. 2 miles for us.
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                              If only I could walk - Chicago is 2,000+ miles away from Disneyland

                              Wish I could take a leisurely 2 to 5 mile walk, and end up at Disneyland. Do you ever tire of visiting? I am sure the answer to that is no. Wish I could find that out for myself. I have been surfing the web all day, checking out all the pictures. I can't wait to make my 2,000 mile trek (by plane) to the Happiest Place on Earth.
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                                I'm going there from Minnesota in July and back (1,000 some miles each way). Then DRIVING to WDW in Aug. and back in Jan. (takes about 3 days min) That will be brutal!


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                                  What a way to suffer

                                  When the destination is a Disney one, I'll suffer a little.


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                                    Originally posted by Barbaraann
                                    Wish I could take a leisurely 2 to 5 mile walk, and end up at Disneyland. Do you ever tire of visiting?
                                    Nope. In fact, it was one of the main reasons we moved into our current apartment. We can listen and watch fireworks every night, and be to Disneyland in just 5 minutes by driving.
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                                      'bout 15 miles.
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                                        Going from Long Beach, CA to WDW (staying at POFQ) from July 6-13 and, upon returning, will be at DL for the "real" 50th Anniversary on the 17th.

                                        Coast to Coast Disney all in one week!!!


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