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  • 1 more day!

    hey guys
    happy may fourth... as you all know today is the first day in so many years that disneyland has been closed to the public for the entire day... and i bet we all know why, tommorrow is a great day to be remembered for all of us (not cinco de mayo) but the beginning of the best disney celebration in history... anyone go to the press release, anyone going to brave the crowds tommorrow?

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    Can you feel it??

    Magic is in the air, in the form of golden pixie dust. They say the road to heaven is paved in gold, and the park is definitely like heaven for most of us.

    The castle will sparkle with her 5 crowns. Banners will fly. The band will play. A parade will come down Main Street to welcome home all the smiling faces, both old and new. And after the sun sets its golden rays, the sky will ignite with color and sound of 50 years of happiness.

    50 years ago at this time, Walt anticipated his dream, as we now experience that same anticipation.

    The time has come, my friends...... welcome home!
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      :o what a beautiful cermon, amen... im putting that in my signature :o


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        I feel the excitement all the way here in Chicago.

        I feel the excitement all the way here in Chicago. O won't get anything done today, or tomorrow either. Keeping close to the computer and the television, in the morning. Can't get enough of all the hype for Disneyland I'm loving it. Maybe I will watch my video of the opening day of Disneyland again. It's going to be one great party.


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          anyone know of any news casts that will happen tommorrow?


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