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  • Kids and Disneyland

    I have been home from my vacation for about 3 weeks. I took my 13 year old grandson to Disneyland. Sean and I had been to Disney World together, but this was his first time at Disneyland. We vacationed with another family, who had 3 children, and those three children have been to Disneyland before.

    Sean will be graduating from 8th grade in June, and I have told him that he can pick the next Disney destination. (Overseas, is not in my budget). I was surprised, when he chose Disneyland. When I asked him why, he replied "I have been to Disney World before, and so has mom, and he wants to show his mom Disneyland.

    From conversations we have had, since we have returned, I have assumed the following:

    He didn't like standing for Fantasmic, and says WDW's version is better.
    He wants to stay in a Disney hotel next time, preferably, the Grand Californian.
    He liked being able to walk from Disneyland Park to DCA to Downtown Disney.
    He didn't care for the Lilo and Stitch Breakfast at all.
    He ducked out of the MiceChat Meet very early, because he doesn't like meeting strangers.
    He loves riding in limousines, and has already requested one for our next trip.
    He felt safe touring the park alone with the other two kids, almost his same age.
    He didn't like the walk back to the Hilton Anaheim, and was glad when I purchased an ART pass.
    He finally decided that he wasn't going to ride Tower Of Terror, even if he did already buy the pin.
    He wasn't that impressed with Block Party Bash.
    Almost all the pins he bought had Stitch on them.
    He rode Indiana Jones more than once, and said "grandma, you wouldn't like it".
    Even though he's a bit of a picky eater, we found many good food choices at the many different places we ate at.
    Even though he thinks Dumbo is a kid ride, he rode it "for his grandma".
    He talked me onto "Big Thunder Mountain Railroad", and didn't make fun of me not liking it.
    He called me, on his cell phone, often to just ask, "grandma, where are you?" I think he wanted to make sure that I was having a good time.
    Even though the hotel swimming pool didn't have a slide, he was glad he got to swim everyday.
    He agreed to finally put his pass and money in a wallet, because he knew that I was right about that being the safest way to carry them in his pocket.
    Even though he doesn't like his picture taken, he smiled a lot anyway. He even humored his grandmother, and posed for some Disneyland Photographer Photos.
    Even though before the vacation started, he said he would see me in the room, he actually spent more time with me than I thought he would.
    He still enjoys getting character autographs.
    He remembered to call his parents everyday, when he wasn't so involved having fun.
    He still doesn't like to give me a straight answer about anything. When I asked him how he liked Disneyland, he replied, O.K.

    Well I had a great vacation, and I think that Sean did too. Since he wants to bring mom back, I think perhaps a June trip for 2007 is in the early planning stages. The Disneyland Hotel is probably in my budget.

    How do your kids react to their Disney vacations? Are they more excited than my grandson? Or are they reserved, and quiet? Perhaps they are somewhere in between.

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    Re: Kids and Disneyland

    My nephew is the same way. He's so subtle about everything, that if he so much as comments that he liked something, we take it to mean that he REALLY enjoyed it. I'd say it's a teen boy thing, but he's been that way his whole life, so it must just be a personality thing.

    Sounds like you had a great trip!

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      Re: Kids and Disneyland

      When one is that age, especially a male, it is difficult to express feelings about things. The "OK" meant a lot more than what you think. Also, the next few years will bring many changes into his life. I am sure that he will remember the trip fondly, particularly his time he spent with you, Barbaraann.

      If you ask him about it in a couple years, you probably will get totally different answers.


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        Re: Kids and Disneyland

        I think the fact that he wants to bring his mom back really means a lot. My kids are older now (16-21) and 3 (16, 18, and 20) are as much a Disney fanatic as their mother. They are so much fun to go with. And while the trip is "OK" with them, I know they had a blast.
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          Re: Kids and Disneyland

          I'd say it's a cross between age and just the kid.
          My two boys(12 and almost 8)are not the type to hide their excitement. And if you ask them about their trips, they had their second trip to WDW this past August, the oldest will tell you every...little....detail. I'm not kidding :lol: The youngest will ramble and go from thing to thing but there's a lot of detail with his too.

          On the other hand, my little brother went with us to WDW this trip and it was his first trip there. Everything was ok, eh, yeah it was cool. Very reserved. If you ask him "so how was your first trip to WDW" he responds "it was cool" in cool teenager voice :botox: He's ALWAYS been more reserved than my boys, so it wasn't too huge of a suprise.

          Then we had my cousin with me too (Kylelicious on MC) he's in his early 20's, and he was as excited as my boys for his first trip to WDW :lol: He'd get off some of the rides more excited than the kids He was a blast to take!

          So I'd have to go with a combination of age AND the "type" of kid

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            Re: Kids and Disneyland

            Sean sounds like a pretty neat kid..Im glad you both a great time at Disneyland.

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              Re: Kids and Disneyland

              Well, my oldest daughter will be 6 and we're going to Disneyland for her bday this year. She gets REAL excited when she knows we're going and wants to do EVERYTHING. Her younger sister has been more recently than she, but she gets the same way. I can only hope they are always this way,
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                Re: Kids and Disneyland

                My daughter just turned 16 on Sunday and we are going to DLR in 16 days to celebrate. That kid doesn't get outwardly excited about anything. Her friend that is going with us doesn't even know where we are going and she's about to bust. LOL The most excitement I've seen was her telling me "we" would be going on EVERY ride.

                I know she enjoys it since she's the one that requested the trip, but when Grandma asks her about it when we get back I'm sure she'll get the "it was o.k." answer too.

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                  Re: Kids and Disneyland

                  Your grandson sounds like me at his age. I was the same way with no expressing real excitement or feelings. I still don't, but not as much as I did at 13-14


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                    Re: Kids and Disneyland

                    Wow! Your grandson seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. I work with kids and a lot of the kids in his age group are in that "too cool" stage where they must mock everything and call it "cheesy" or "gay." It's nice to see that some kids are still able to just have fun and not worry so much about looking cool and tough.

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                      Re: Kids and Disneyland

                      He should have gone on ToT my 8 year old son loves it, but he is still afraid of tough to be a bug.


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