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Your special moment at Disneyland


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  • Your special moment at Disneyland

    Many of us have a single, if not many, moments that made our love for Disneyland grow to what it is today. It may be a special cast member making your day or perhaps Goofy wishing you a Happy Birthday? Share your "moment" with the rest of us

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    We went to DL with my mom & brothers on December 23rd. My mom had wanted to see DL in all its Christmas Finery. The day started out normal enough. Staggered around the park as a group for a few hours. When it came time for a ride on my mom's favorite ride, Star Tours, Nathan and I decided to take the kids on a ride on the top of the Omnibus.

    We got there just as the bus filled up, to the point that we were the first ones in line for the next Omnibus. I think the pictures will show just how smart we were to wait a few extra minutes.

    I will see if I can find my trip report tonnight and post it here.

    It was the most magical, unique trip for the kids. :love: :love:
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      The second time I went to disney was on a school trip for Magic Music Days (blah). I wanted to get all the characters signitures as it was my senior year and didn't know when I would make it back. I decided to have the characters sign my shoes. Just a cheap pair of leather keds but everyone signed them - even if they had odd expresions on their faces.
      Then what made the entire thing even more wonderful... I suffer from Tendonitis is my ankles and by the last day I could barely walk by the time we got to Fantasmic we couldn't find a place to sit down. One of my friend went and asked one of the CM who quickly found a place for us all to sit together. She was so nice I asked her to sign my shoes - She thought this was hysterical and ran around getting all of the fantasmic CM to sign my shoes.
      I now have all as many characters I could find and all of the Fantasmic CM signitures on my shoes! That was deffinitly an experience I will never forget
      That was three years - I havn't been since... untill later this year!
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        My uncle took me and his two kids to Disneyland. He needed a second in command so that he could take his older son on the coasters while I - with delight - took his little daughter through Toon Town. She was so happy and in awe.

        Great time.

        Later my uncle made some completely pervy comment about the Little Mermaid. My blood uncle, mind you. Who I've never cared for. There are pictures of me as a baby looking horrified and uncomfortable in that man's arms.

        Perving on the Little Mermaid. In front of his kids and his niece. Niiiiiiiiice, buddy. Niiiiiiiiice.

        Still. Funny. So, a great memory to have.


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          I have several special moments but one that sticks in my mind often is the first time I walked through the gates with my special someone. A couple years before this, I was a young confused teenager with no one special in my life. I remember being utterly sad watching the couples hold hands, strolling through Disneyland and enjoying the rides together. Something I had always wanted to experience.

          Finally on July 18th 1998 I got my wish and walked through the gates with the person I was in love with. It made my Disneyland experience that much more special and it still does each time we go again.



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            Our favorite moment (well, hour, actually) happened when our oldest, Courtney was 2.5. We went in a shop on Main Street after a parade late one night and for whatever reason, a CM named Danny came up and started talking to her. They talked for an HOUR. We laughed, videotaped, and took about a roll of film. She just absolutely fell in love with the guy. They stacked tins of coffee, boxes of cookies, built a fort.....and she just freaking BEAMED the entire time. We were there with him until about 11 p.m.

            The next day, we went to City Hall to ask how to let his supervisor know how special he made our evening and we filled out a form (different from the ones now--this was in 1997), and then Courtney picked out a postcard and dictated a love letter to him to hand in with the form. Very cute. I hope he got them.

            We've had a dozen trips, and several thousand moments since then....but that hour. I don't know. It's the one we talk about and remember the most fondly.


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              Aw, these stories are so heart-warming.

              But, now that I think about it, all my fondest memories of Disneyland have to do with sex or drugs or both. And I can't post about any of it.

              For those in the know, I will just say two words: Indian Village.


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                One of my most recent special moments was this past Nov. when I took Shawn for his birthday. We were waiting in line for the monorail and he told the cm it was his birthday we chatted a bit and when the monorail came we sat in the back. At the end of the ride the driver announced over the loudspeaker, throughout the monorail, that there was a very special rider on board celebrating his birthday and proceeding to sing Happy Birthday to Shawn. It was great!

                Oh one more birthday one with Shawn, when he turned 4 we had a bad bday experience(long story)but at the end of the evening we were in line for autopia and a cm FINALLY wished Shawn a Happy Birthday. Shawn got all excited and I thanked the cm telling him he was the first one alll day to say it(it was about 8pm or so)after we got off the ride the cm was waiting for us and he gave Shawn a Disney bag and said "this is for you Shawn from Disneyland, Happy Birthday"

                Oh and one of my favorite with my oldest was when we rode Screamin' the first time. He hadn't "done" upside down before and was a bit nervous. While we were going through the loop he yelled "I DID IT I DID IT" and was giggling up a storm! It was so cute!

                There's tons more but those are good for now. :love:

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                  DH and I took Morgan (niece-6 yo) and Tristan (nephew-3) on our annual Sept DL trip which included a morning at Goofy's kitchen. All Tristan could say was "Where's Goofy", over and over and over like 3 yr old's do.

                  Then all of a sudden he spotted Cinderella across the room and in a hushed voice he whispered "OOOHH, Cinderella. He was transfixed and only had eyes for Cinderella from then on. When she finally made it to our table this 3 yr old was speechless. We were saying "Tristan, tell Cinderella hello". She talked with Morgan for awile and the entire time Tristan couldn't take his eyes off of her.

                  She then began interacting with Tristan, who gallantly offered her a bite of his HUGE cookie. When she was ready to leave she told him "You know, Prince Charming's name is Tristan too, that means you must be my prince!"

                  I'm not sure Tristan understood, but that is a moment the rest of us will never forget. :love:

                  It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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                    My special moment actually happened recently. My partner and I went to Disneyland on New Year's Eve and that was the first time in a while where we held hands throughout the park...I felt so proud to let everyone know that I was at the park with my man...
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                      ... meeting disguy, sparky and chernabog at the hub


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                        Dec. 12th, 2001. Sheryl (my Fiance) and I were visiting DL for the first time together. We spent the day walking, talking holding hands... even went on the Rocket Rods together. That night, we went to the Fantasmic viewing area. As we stood in the cool night air she offered to get us some hot chocolate to warm up with. She came back and we sipped on the brew and ate the cookies she prchased (have the cookie wrapper on my wall). We talked a little and as the show started, I took her in my arms and held her close. She was a perfect fit. When the Finale came, I turned her toward me and we embraced and kissed the longest time. The firworks were going off and the people were chearing... Wow... I felt us truly bond right then and there. When everyone cleared out and headed for the exit to the park we slowly walked down a deserted Mainstreet. The lights sparkling from the decorations and from her beutiful brown eves.
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                          As promised, here is a mini trip report from our magical Disney day

                          My mom wanted to see Disneyland all gussied up for the holidays, so we trekked off to the park for a day of merriment. Cast of characters were: Mamabot, RabidMonkeyPosse, Brian, Ali, Mom, Brother Jason, Brother Matthew.

                          The day got off to a bumpy start. They only had two trams running from Mickey and Friends, and they seemed to be one right after the other. We waited patiently, even after a family cut us off to get on the tram that finally arrived after waiting for 5 minutes. The plus side to this is that we were able to meet up with my mom & brothers and ride the tram together.

                          We got to the ticket booth to be greeted by bump #2: The one day park hopper special deal they for for SoCal residents is NOT $49.75 per ticket. I think they wanted something like $63 per ticket. We scoffed, purchased the DL only tickets and went into the park.

                          We did a bunch of running around finding protein laden food for breakfast. Ended up at River Belle, watched the hustle and bustle of the new day at the park, ate quickly then headed to HMH. My mom & brothers hadn't seen it before. They loved it.

                          We went toward TL so my mom could ride Star Tours. Neither of the kids like that ride, so we decided to go ride the Omnibus. When we got to the stop, the OB was just finishing filling up with passengers. We waited for the next bus so that we could ride on the top. We were more than rewarded for our patience.

                          As the bus approached we noticed that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy & Pluto, dressed in their spiffy holiday costumes, were riding on the top level of the Omnibus. And there we were, first in line! We were so excited. I had tears in my eyes almost the whole ride down Main Street. Brian sat next to Pluto, Ali sat in between Mickey & Minnie in the front bench. They waved to their hearts content.

                          We floated down off the Omnibus, and headed back down Main Street to meet up with the rest of our group. Next stop was a stroll through the sparkly castle into a very crowded Fantasyland. With Snow White's Scary Adventures going through all its switchbacks, I knew that we would not be hitting any rides in that land (and I remembered why I always do FL first thing in the morning).

                          The Sword in the Stone ceremony had just started. My mom and I found a spot where the kids could watch from, and we tried to encourage the kids to raise their hands. Somehow our stroke of luck continued as Ali was chosen to try to pull the sword from the stone. With some help from the audience, and a booming "Alakazam", she was successful. She was the Queen of the moment. She received a medal and a proclamation.

                          After lunch, we took the train over to Main Street and waited patienly in line so the kids could sit on Santa's lap. The kids had their moments with Santa, we took pictures, and then headed off the have a snack.

                          The rest of the day was fairly calm, except having to eat lunch at Club Buzz. We got Ali a new Minnie Mouse windbreaker and Brian a Jack Skellington Hoodie. Early Christmas presents.
                          Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
                          I cannot confirm nor deny the inclusion of any attraction in the Rally.

                          May the Gumballs Be with You...Always.

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                            Some time last year, our family was discussing magic when my 6-yr old boy told us with all seriousness, "There's no such thing as magic. Only at Disneyland there's magic."

                            Then this past December on our family trip to the park, as we were walking through Sleeping Beauty's castle I made sure to point out the sparkly new paint on the brickwork. Again, my boy explained to us, "That's because it's magic. Right, Dad?"

                            Of course, he got it right on both counts!
                            The exit doors to your left are now open, and have fun the rest of your day in Disneyland.


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                              Too many to count

                              Walt's love of Trains!


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