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    Wha happa?

    I never got the chance to see it while it was in the park. Does anyone have any pictures? Or video of it? I tried to do a search but nothing really came up. Why did they decide to close the show? If I remember correctly, it wasn't around for very long, yes?

    Enquiring minds wanna know.

    An Enquiring Mind

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    Wow, they closed that years ago. I don't exactly remember why.
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      Its used for private parties- I have attended a few events back there. The movie wasn;t exactly the most popular thing in the world, so it probably had limited appeal for guests.

      Private parties also have limited appeal, but they make money instead of costing money
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        It couldn't have always been for private parties. I remember sitting on the ground and seeing the show several times. It taught me that "to vexillate is to bear flags." I loved it!

        I found this from a google search. also has a brief mention of it.
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          It wasn't always used for private parties, put it is now. They recently refurbished it to accomodate the parties better (new lighting, nicer tables, etc.) rather than the with the leftovers from the FoF show.


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            The show was so great. It used to be my favorite show when it was around
            Here's a great site that has pictures of it and other old (and current) Disneyland stuff. Hope this helps your craving for more mean Festival of Fools


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              I only saw the show a few times, but enjoyed it a lot. I was always trying to think of how to videotape it, and it made my brain hurt and spin in circles. Things were happening all around you and there were multiple focal points as well as action taking place in constant movement.

              The coolest thing I remember, however, was a male quartet (I think) version of the song "Out There." It was amazing and I always wished it would have been released on CD.
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