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Advice for Disneyland with a terminally ill guest


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  • Advice for Disneyland with a terminally ill guest

    I know that with all of the festivities going on this week, it's not the best time to bring up sad stuff, but I told a friend of the family that I would ask around about this subject.
    This woman's twenty-something-year-old daughter is terminally ill with cancer and has never been able to take her own two-year-old daughter to Disneyland. So they've arranged a trip for the entire family from May 19th through the 23rd (bad timing, I know, but there's not much they can do about it...). They'll be staying in a suite at the Disneyland Hotel.
    My question is: is there anything special that these people can do for their first and only trip to Disneyland? The terminally ill daughter will be in a wheelchair as will the woman's other daughter, who is severely mentally ill. I'd love to be able to offer them advice on how to make the trip memorable, but I've never travelled in such circumstances. Are cast members able to arrange special "stuff" for people in their situation?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Definitely have them contact guest services before they get there- they will be able to tell them the kinds of arrangements that can be made. Also, I would reccomend that they get a couple of doctor's notes detailng her condition as well as her limitations and special needs. This will ensure that they can get a special assistance pass from city hall when they get there.
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      I agree with DQ. Definately contact Guest Services and explain the situation to them prior to the visit. I think you'll find yourself in the good care of CMs who will make every effort to insure a magical experience.
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        Thank you, I'll tell her that.


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          I should point out though that they don't offer the Special Assistance passes anymore. When my mom and I went to DL last October we were told that they had stopped issuing the passes that previous March due to people misusing them. My mother even had a doctors note, but the CM wouldn't even look at it telling her that she can't look at the note. The CM at City Hall informed us that the other CM will give special assistance if they see someone with a cane, walker or wheelchair. So if they will be in a wheelchair, they should be alright....they'll still be able to get on to attractions through the exits or whatever wheelchair entrances they have now.
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