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  • drawbridge

    I was listening to the podcast this afternoon and heard Michael W. Geoghegan say this quote in reference to Sleeping Beauty's castle....

    "this drawbridge is an actual functioning drawbridge. We can actually raise and lower this drawbridge, it's only happened twice though. Oncee on opening day in 1955 and then again on May 1983 when we re-opened Fantasyland after a major remodel. So, this is an actually functioning drawbridge."

    I know that people have said its still welded shut, but at the same time, I'm cautiously optimistic it might be used sometime during the 50th celebration.
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    Sounds cool. The pod cast also menchonded that the drawbridge was fully functional, which is good

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      The drawbridge IS fully functional but has only been used twice. I would be very surprised if it is used again in the near future.

      The two times the drawbridge was used was on Opening Day and upon the opening of the New and Improved Fantasyland in 1983.


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        Eisner did use it once in an emergency to keep Michael Ovitz out. It worked for two days till he discovered Alice Road.
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          Take a look at this thread.... keep reading. It would appear that despite our hopes, the drawbridge has been disabled.

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