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a food column on miceage

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  • a food column on miceage

    I've wondered if people would be intrested in a column about the resterants in the DL Resort. It's been sugested to me that I should do one, and I was wondering if there was any intrest. Suggestions and encurigment are welcom.
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    sounds good to me

    I never know were to eat

    but then again I'm a vegitarian be sure to include info on all the resturants and such and move through it land by land? that'd be pretty neat I think
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      Not a bad idea at all Tulkas. Kevin Yee would be a good one for you to talk to. He used to do that all the time on the old site. It was the department he came from at Disneyland.
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        I would love this I never know where to eat and always end up going to the odd places (such as the pizza place in TL) and living off of churros when I am there.
        Plus I don't go often enough to know when certain places are crouded at specific times.


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          I think its a great idea. For my family, food is a big factor in a vacation. You could list continuously updated menus and prices. You wouldn't have to stop at restaurants; you could include locations/menus/prices of food carts. That would be a bigger job because those change more frequently, but I think MiceAge could handle the task. It might be cute to include a "best kept secret" section, where you share a lesser known location for grabbing a bite or taking your food to sit and eat.
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            Yes please!!! I do not get to go to DLR as often as I would like and am always curious about what changes and what prices are throughout the parks. I would be happy if it would include DTD restaurants also...I know I am asking a lot!!! :o
            Any day at Disneyland is a Happy Day!!!! :ap:


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              The idea is to include the whole resort, including the hotels. Yes, it can be a daunting task. This is why I'm looking for sugistions and ideas. I would even concider writing with somone, if for nothing else as a touchstone, so I don't give an opinion that is out in left field. The colum would include pictures of the food.
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                I wrote the original "Disneyland menus and prices" webpage in 1996. I started the project of recording menus and prices back in 1994, and I'm proud to say that I beat Disneyland to the idea. Back in those days, City Hall had no centralized listing of what the restaurants had. Mine was the first one created! (In those days I was still a Cast Member). Eventually City Hall outgrew mine, and they grew much more slick as the business process was refined. Good for them.

                I stopped updating my page when the content was folded into the proto-MousePlanet, but I still have it up online if you want to see what things cost in 1998 at Disneyland:


                As for tackling restaurants now, I don't know that I could find the time. There's all of WDW to conquer still! And... erm... there are... uh... "projects" which occupy my time....
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                  Pictures would be nice for picky or indecisive eaters. Sometimes what you envision while reading the menu looks rather unsettling once it arrives at your table. Thanks for the offer to create such an article, and good luck piecing it together!
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                    I think a food article would be a great idea. Don't forget to include the adult locations such as The Lost Bar (which I found yesterday) and The Cove Bar (which I'm going to try to find Saturday).


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                      The Cove Bar is now The Lost Bar. This happened when the DL Hotel remodeled the area between the towers.
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                        Originally posted by tulkas
                        The Cove Bar is now The Lost Bar. This happened when the DL Hotel remodeled the area between the towers.
                        The Cove Bar people refer to these days is located on the upper level of Ariel's Grotto in DCA. There is a nice view, appetizers, and as I have heard from a certain frequent poster, they have a few quality beers on tap.
                        Anything listed on the park maps as an attraction is fair game for inclusion in the Rally.
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                          My bad. I was thinking of The Warf Bar.
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                            Thanks Keven. This will be a help as a resorse.
                            Let the magic continue.


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                              Mmmm..gotta love those corn dogs at the Little Red Wagon!!!
                              Sounds like a great idea Tulkas!
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