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is a PAP a good idea?


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  • is a PAP a good idea?

    I am currently living in New Mexico... I am planning a huge week long trip to disneyland is August. However before then in june i am coming back to walk in my graduation ceremonies... i am thinking about buying an annual pass while i am down in june that way I can go for my grad night (my school picked bowling instead) I was wondering if getting the permium pass was a good idea or not? :confused:
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    Well, first of all, I should warn ya...Annual Passes don't cover Grad Nite.

    In week-long, do you mean 5 or 7 days? The best thing you can do is tally up and compare costs. There are several different types of APs, ranging from $99 to I belive $320...and if you ever want to go on the weekend, you'll have to pay for one of the most pricy ones.

    Go to and compare prices, it's your best bet.


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      Pap smears are always a good idea if you wish to prevent cervical cancer.
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