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Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help


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  • Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this or not...

    Help! We are traveling to Disneyland in a week and have heard conflicting stories as to which is the better character dining experience. We are traveling with 8 and 6 year old girls and a 2 year old boy. Right now we have PS for both places but want to decide on just one. We've already done Ariel's Grotto and want to try something new.

    Any advice/info you can give us would be much appreciated.
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    Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

    goofy's kitchen:

    1. loud
    2. many characters
    3. cuisine: American, vegetarian, and healthy selections (according to
    4. opportunites to dance with the characters
    5. opportunity for a commemorative photo
    6. buffet

    plaza inn:

    1. less loud
    2. fewer characters
    3. cuisine: American (according to
    4. characters come to you and interaction is pretty much limited to the tables
    5. no commemorative photo
    6. buffet

    hope this info helps!

    i personally like goofy's kitchen. it has always seemed more kid-friendly and the character selection seems a little bit better. whatever you decide, have fun!!!
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      Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

      Been to both w/ kids..

      I actually like the Plaza Inn's food better. But I think there are more choices
      at Goofy's. (I just checked at to make sure).

      Definitely seemed like more characters at Goofy's. I think Plaza Inn is
      a tribute to Minnie so I don't think you'll see Mickey. For some reason,
      I always see Alladin at Goofy's but have never seen him at the Plaza Inn.

      Plaza Inn is defintely less noisy than Goofy. (but still can get noisy)

      As for Character Dining, there's also Chip & Dale at the StoryTeller's Cafe
      in GCH. IMHO, it is the least noisy and the best food. But the characters
      that you see are pretty limited (no where as much as Goofy's)

      Personally, StoryTeller's is my favorite Character dining at DLR. But
      my kids, I think, like Goofy's best.


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        Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

        Well, if you are looking for the best way to keep the kids entertained, then it's Goofy's Kitchen. Lots of character interaction. Fun, fun, fun!



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          Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

          We have been to both and loved both of them. Plaza Inn has one MAJOR advantage to Goofy's Kitchen. The Plaza Inn is in the park. When you are done eating you can go right on the rides. At Goofy's you have to walk to DL after breakfast. I like the food better at Plaza and the characters are great.

          Here is who we saw at Plaza Inn when we went in May:
          Capatin Hook
          Fairy God Mother

          Here is who we saw at Goofy's:
          Alice in Wonderland
          The cat from Pinocchio (not figaro but one of the bad cats)

          Either way the kids will be happy, but our vote is for the Plaza Inn.
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            Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

            I've never been to Goofy's Kitchen, but I have always found the food at Plaza Inn to be decent.


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              Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

              Both have awesome omlett stations. The variety of food choices is much higher at Goofy's. Plaza Inn can get very crowded inside, it can be hard to navigate to and from your table. In both the characters come to your table.

              I have had the best interation with face characters at Goofy's over the years. During one of The Boy's b-day trips Aladin came over and spent a good 15 minutes talking to him. Another trip the Mad Hatter sat down with us for a while (complete with teapot containing the DoorMouse).

              The only face character I have seen at PI is the Fairy Godmother. She is great. She has made my day every time I have seen her.

              The Pooh characters are still around PI. The only one that I miss is Piglet (he fed The Boy his eggs-complete with ketchup-on his 4th b-day).

              Both are fun experiences. We enjoy both, but Goofy's the favorite.

              Storytellers was mentioned, but I have had some really horrific service there that I don't care to return. The last time we ate at PPH (before Lilo came in) the food was so icky (think cold and a lot of missing items) that we will never go back.

              In August we ate at PI, next Sunday we have PS for Goofy's.


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                Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

                Thanks for all the great feedback.
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                  Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

                  We've done both and love the Plaza better. At Goofy's, our waitress told us that the characters have to follow a set plan to go around to the tables so we had a long wait. We only saw Goofy, Max, Alice, Madhatter, Chip and Dale when we went in Feb.
                  In Feb and July we went to Plaza and the characters have more freedom to roam around. We saw CAptain Hook, Minnie, Eyeore, Pooh, Fairy Godmother, Chip and DAle. My girls love Hook so he kept coming around to play with them.

                  the food seemed equal to me, but I just liked the way the characters kept coming back at Plaza. Of course, Hook is a great bonus for us.


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                    Re: Goofy's Kitchen vs. Plaza Inn Help

                    We have had charactor meals at every place available over the years...and each trip the only one that the kids wont let us miss is Goofy's.

                    The food is good at PI, I think it's better at Goofy's, but that may be because there is a much wider selelction. (IMO) The kids like the food at Goofy's better.

                    the charactor interaction is good at both (as mentioned they come to your table) but I have found over the years that the charactors spend a bit more time (less rushed) at Goffy's, the kids also have an oppertunity to get up and dance with goofy and the gang, it's so cute.

                    I think the noise levels are comperable...goofy's may be a bit louder, because it's a more relaxed enviroment, but PI gets loud because it's a bit more crowded (the tables are closer together)

                    on our last trip, I left PI and Goofy's out of our plans...I wnated to tr something new for a change.....Well, that didn't go over well, as soon as my family heard that they through a fit....and I had to make PS for Goofy's (no one mentioned PI)


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