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  • a day before The day in DCA!

    A Radio day in DCA, well it was where all the radio stations, about 17 of them, gathered together for live broadcasts to hype up the 50th. First i found my favorite station, The Fish 95.9 and talked with Big Wave Dave and stuck around and personally met the designer for Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Remember, Parade of Dreams <which was being worked on for 18 years! and the voices of goofy and donald duck, they look nothing like donald or goofy and their regular voice isnt like who they are protraying, so cool, watched the imagineer for Buzz draw the little green man that looked like Dave with 3 eyes! so cool, and also i met a lady who was in the opening day ceremonies and shared her pictures and a book she wrote about Disney family and her experinces. Remember will be awesome i am assured and revolutionary, no other attempt of this magnitude has been attempted ever on a nightly basis! Also the Pride rock, he hinted to me but wouldnt give it away, Simba and Nala are designed by Steve Davidson and he didnt give away the exact movement of how it makes it work, but he leaned on the most advanced technology of its kind anywhere, so it is a animatronic, yes thats from a reliable source, he is The guy, he created the Parade! There are floats up to 15 feet high and 12 feet wide and there are 50 parade units and 110 preformers in the parade, lights on everything and what he calls, a musical on every float, each float has different musical scores composed by a 60 piece orchastra and features some of the most advanced systems avalible to date, everything is the largest! Largest fireworks, largest parade, and Tink got sick after her flight the first night the Remember guy told me. So watch your heads! On a side note he loves my interests in Disneys future and gave me his phone # to call him after the show to see what i thinked of it. Cant Wait! 10 hours till! Block party was awesome and very hyped and Energetic! I also met Fraser and saw Eisner and he smiled at my 50th badge and commented on it to one of his cronies who smooched up to him and pointed and smiled at me and then went thru security, oh i wish i had my camera of Michael getting frisked! I gave him a evil look that he noticed and frowned, bad Eisner! Tomorrow I will go to the park so call me if you are coming!
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