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My pretend WESCOT expansion


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  • My pretend WESCOT expansion

    Okay, here I am again with one of my pretend DL expansion things. However, pretend I was head of the DL resort instead of Paul Pressler, and DCA hasn't been built yet. So, here's my pretend expansion plans, going with the ideas of the proposed Wescot theme park expansion plan. Suggestions and ideas are all welcome.

    Wescot: Wescot is the west coast version of WDW's epcot. Wescot, like DCA would be directly across from DL. In the center of the DL and Wescot would be a brand new fountain with statues of Disney characters, jets of water, colors, and a show with water dancing to music will go on every 20 minuites.

    Wescot will be divided into two worlds: Discovery World, and World Showcase. Here's a link to what the layout could look like: ( on the lower part of the whole plan ) Discovery World is on the part of the park closest to DL. Innoventions and Spaceship Earth would be located on an island with six of Discovery World's pavilions on the other side of the river going around the island. The river goes into a lagoon which is surrounded by World Showcase with "four corners of the world" representing many countries in one many different countries from the same region in the same corners. At the very end is the American Adventure pavillion.

    The icon of the park will be Spaceship Earth, but this will not look like WDW's golf ball, but rather a large Earth globe. It would even rotate ( its outer shell willl, not the building its self, that would be impossible ) and it would also hold an attraction of the same name which travels through the history of communication narrated by Lawrence Fishbourne.

    More to come.
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    Re: My pretend WESCOT expansion

    I wanted to respond to your post so you did not think that no one had looked at it.

    It is a very detailed and comprehensive plan. You should be congratulated for all the work you put into it! :bow:

    I think you are on the right track with the international theme. But there is room for improvement.

    I have been to Epcot several times. I love the place, especially World Showcase. But I have to acknowledge the failures of the concept too. You see it does not have enough things for kids to enjoy there. Walt Disney wanted a park to appeal to "the child within all of us." Frankly, World Showcase is a pleasure for adults but bores kids. Walt would be very displeased with that. He built Disneyland for both kids and adults to have fun together.

    So how do you IMPROVE the world showcase concept?

    Well, first you need to include rides! Epcot WS does not have enough rides for families, pure and simple!

    Second, the world showcase nations would be more fun if not only a specific nation was featured, but a specific TIME also was placed in the land. I think that could give more "magic" to the individual nations.

    Third, it does not have enough Disney characters there. They seem like outsiders. Disney characters should be more prominent. Rides should feature them.

    Fourth, there just needs to be more fantasy in the theme. Fantasy is fun. It is what both kids and adults enjoy. Whether is it battling dragons or riding a magic carpet, fantasy should not be left out of the design.

    Lastly, while improving the Epcot concept, the best of Epcot should not be lost. 1) Epcot is pretty. 2) It has water which is relaxing. 3) It has REAL people from those nations to talk to. 4) It has outstanding food and restaurants. All those element have to be carried over to really improve Epcot.

    So I would think though the issues I have raised and ask yourself if this is really fun for kids as well as adults.


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