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Disappointed in Halloween Mickey!


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  • Disappointed in Halloween Mickey!

    One of the trademarks of Disneyland from the very first day was the floral design of Mickey Mouse at the entrance of Disneyland. For HalloweenTime, Disney has decided to change Mickey to reflect the festival. But they have done a very poor job. IMHO.

    First, my biggest complaint is that the colors of Mickey are produced by dumping miniature orange and white pumpkins into a basin to form the ears and face. I just don't see that as magical. There is something magical about seeing flowers growing in the shape of a character. Yes, I know that gardeners carefully arrange the plants to produce the colors, but as a kid I kind of felt like it was magic. As if the flowers themselves grew in just the right colors to make Mickey's face form. The pumpkins thrown in a hole does not do that for me.

    Second, Mickey's face is a reverse. The black portions are orange and then a mask is dark, made up of dark green plants. It looks like a negative image of Mickey, instead of the ears being dark and the face light. It just makes him look weird!

    While I think the mask on Mickey is a fun addition, I wish that the whole scene could have been done with flowers. I would have loved orange mums or white flowers of the light part. I would also have done his face still in the dark flowers for his ears. Then the mask could be orange for the festival HalloweenTime. Dumped pumpkins thrown in haphazardly in holes is not magical.

    What do you think of the new Mickey?

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    Re: Disappointed in Halloween Mickey!

    I actually have the opposite view. I think the use of miniature pumpkins is a very creative endeavor to add to the essence of HalloweenTime. Mickey looks so cute make out of them, and the mask is just the icing on the cake! Plus, there are still floral arrangements next to the big mickey face...they're pumpkins made out of flowers. Anyhoos, it's that creativity that I really do appreciate, and while it's not in Disney's traditional nature to not use flowers for the Mickey at the entrance, it's also not traditional to have Jack Skellington and Tarzan carved onto pumpkins, sitting next to Walt's statue. I say hooray for all of the new HalloweenTime pumpkins!

    Now, if we're going to discuss the last-minute look of HMH, that's a whole new deal!

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      Re: Disappointed in Halloween Mickey!

      I loved the use of little pumpkins instead of flowers! Well, I just love those little pumpkins in general, lol. It makes their celebration of Fall and Halloween that much more enjoyable for me to see so many little pumpkins being used to create that feature of the park.


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        Re: Disappointed in Halloween Mickey!

        Well, it's only gonna be there for a month, it's only a traditional thing not a full out yearly Mickey like the regular ones.
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          Re: Disappointed in Halloween Mickey!

          I haven't seen it in person, but the picture I saw of it looked cute..


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