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*Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)


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  • *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

    Im recovering from major internet problems and that is why Im posting these so late...

    OK well I went to the park yesterday and these are the first pics I took with my brand new camera! I love it. Enjoy!

    I love the new Mickey floral. It is made out of hundreds of mini white and orange pumpkins.

    Haunted Mansion was the first ride and it looks awesome!

    I cheated on a couple of the pics... (flash)

    Well there was the Haunted Mansion

    The walls are down around the new Tomorrowland Landing

    This guy, Marshall, was the man.

    This lady was talking on her cell the whole time and he kept on getting her attention and told her to say hi to whoever she was talking to...

    This guy still had a cold...

    I found Eeyore!

    New paint looks great!

    I almost forgot about the new (terrible looking) painting in the POTC queue...

    Well it was a good day, crowded, but a good day.

    Ta Ta For Now!
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    Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

    Sweet photos, can't wait to go there myself this week.
    "Walt Disney World may have more than Disneyland, but Disneyland has quality, and quality triumphs over quantity" -DL_CRAZE


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      Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

      great pictures

      looks like you had as much fun as i did yesterday


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        Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

        Thanks for the pictures.
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          Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

          Great pics, thanks for sharing them!

          ^clicky clicky^


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            Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

            Always enjoy viewing photos....Thanks!
            Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
            it's what they are like in their HEART!

            - Wolfette


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              Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

              Great pics!!!


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                Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                Where is that wierd painting in the POTC Queue?

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                  Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                  Great Pictures! Tell us the details on your new camera, if you would... I am shopping for a new camera for my husband and would love imput from a photog, such as yourself.


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                    Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                    How busy was it? Im gonna be there the 14th and 15th, weekends i know...


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                      Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                      After seeing so many pics of all the cool Halloween stuff I can't wait to go this weekend and see them myself!

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                        Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                        great pics! thanx for sharing! as i said in another thread, that barbossa painting is ugly! it looks nothing like him!
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                          Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                          Wonderful pictures, thanks.


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                            Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                            Awesome pics!
                            -Jack :geek:
                            Doc Brown had 2 Deloreans!


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                              Re: *Photo Update 9-30* (Warning: Photo HEAVY)

                              Thanks for the great photo report!

                              Happiest Memories on Earth!


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