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Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread


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  • Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

    Hello All!!

    I'm back from a very happy weekend at the first MiceChat Gumball Rally/MiceQuest/Dessert Party and I wanted to spread some positve rep to all of the people that helped put on this amazing event.


    To Dustysage: For taking this event and making it into something BIG!!
    Thank you so much for your great organizational skills, taking care of all the details, for your great stage presence last night at the Dessert Party, and for your financial support of this event. Very few people know the commitment that Dusty made to this event... but it was enormous, and for that I want to say THANK YOU!

    To FishBulb: Fishy worked soooooooooo hard on this event. He did an absolutely amazing job with every single graphic that was involved with this event. From the original designs of the Gumball Rally, MiceQuest, and Dessert Party logos, to the cool advertising banners, to the awesome game-playing materials that were used during the events, FishBulb worked very, very hard in bringing a first-class event to everyone that participated. Thanks Fishmeister... YOU ROCK!!

    To Monorail Man: MM did the stuff that nobody notices, but makes it possible to actually produce an event of this magnitude. He built the on-line store that allowed everyone to purchase tickets smoothly and safely.
    He is the guy that works behind-the-scenes, making sure that MiceChat works smoothly everytime you log on.
    Thanks MM, your hard work is very much appreciated!!

    To Al Lutz: Al helped promote this event on MiceAge and his generous offer of giving a free CD-ROM of the entire MiceAge archive (dating back to December 2002) to every Dessert Party attendee was an offer that many could not pass up. Thank you Al for your support of this event... it is much appreciated!

    To SpeederScout: Thanks for all of your hard work writing the MiceQuest. It was great getting to know you better during the day at MiceChat Control.

    To all of the amazing MiceChat volunteers: Thank you for all of your hard work in helping deliver a first-class event to the event participants. From stuffing envelopes to counting M&M's... from spying on event participants to hauling event materials around Disneyland, and for everything in between, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU, THANK-YOU! Without you, this event would not have been possible.

    To DarkBeer: Once again, doing what he does best... recording the event with photographs. Thanks David!

    To Chuck Oberleitner of Thanks for being at the event and making the day go a little faster for us while waiting at the Motorboat Cruise dock aka "MiceChat Control". And thanks for taking so many pictures... can't wait to see 'em all!

    To DlandfansAZ: For the totally cool commemoritive coins that were given to the Event Staff and volunteers. Thanks Marc!!

    To Disneyland Resort: Thank you to Cheryl for booking this event last May and for shepherding it thru to a successful conclusion. Thank you to Michelle for taking care of all of the details (including the last minute one that no one noticed) and for putting on a great event for everyone that attended.

    But most of all, thank you to the Event Participants! Without your trust and belief in this event, it would never have happened. Thank you for giving this event a chance. Your participation and support is what propelled this event into being... THANK YOU!!

    Check my event pictures here
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    Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

    Thanks to you Charlie for your help as well!
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      Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

      Charlie, you were the man behind the idea! If you hadn't thought up the MiceChat version of the Gumball Rally many moons ago, the fabulous event yesterday never would have happened. Thanks for everything you did to make the day a success!

      And to everyone else involved in planning and carrying out the event, a great big thanks for making the day such an overwhelmingly fun event!

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        Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

        Thank you Charlie for your original idea of the Gumball rally, DL version. You rock!!

        So sorry I had to miss it, but I'm looking forward to next year!

        It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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          Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

          Thanks to EVERYONE it was such a wonderful time! )

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            Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

            Charlie, thank you for your great idea and effort that went into the event planning. I know I had a great time, only wish I didn't have to miss six hours in the middle. You have a lot to be proud of! Thank you!


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              Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

              This is my first time on this site and I just wanted to extend a big, big thank you to all of you who were responsible for the Gumball Rally on Saturday. My daughter is a big fan of this site and invited me to participate in this event (we both have AP's) and I'm so glad she did as we had so much fun! All of the staff and volunteers were wonderful. All the teams were friendly and enthusiastic--just great people! I was surprized to see our picture in Circarama's photos of some of the team members---everyone was obviously having a good time and I encourage all who could not make it to plan ahead for next year--it is an awesome event! (my legs are still sore--lol) Thanks again to you all---from team #183--the "pink elephants"


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                Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                Thank you, Charlie, for dreaming up Gumball and for this thread with the essential credits/props, whatever!

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                  Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                  awesome pictures!! i was sitting right at your table, but i couldn't get the courage to introduce myself ... so, hi


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                    Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                    Great pictures.
                    Thanks everyone..We had alot of fun


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                      Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                      Thank you Circarama! I had a great time on Saturday.


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                        Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                        Thanks to everyone involved, what a great time this was.
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                          Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                          Many, many thanks to the people who made the event possible. My team had a GREAT time!

                          The Quest was absolutely amazing, Speederscout, you are one smart cookie. My hat is off to you sir.

                          It was wonderful to see the MiceChat family working together to make this event so much fun. You guys are awesome!

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                            Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                            Sounds like it was a total blast.
                            Sad I missed it.

                            Congrats to all.


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                              Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                              Looks like an awesome time. Thanks for sharing the photos!
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                                Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                                Charlie, I can't wait to hear your next big idea! This was probably The. Best. Day. Ever.

                                So many people were involved in this day, I can't begin to thank them all, but you all know who you were and what you did. It was a great display of team work and you should all be proud! :bow:
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                                  Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                                  Thanks to Circarama for coming up with the idea for the Gumball Rally! It was a fun and difficult challenge.

                                  Thanks to the organizers! I was very impressed with the professionally printed question booklet. When we read the questions, it was obvious that people had taken the time to make sure the questions were very clear and not confusing.

                                  Thanks to the spotters who volunteered to be on the lookout all day! Although my wife and I only saw one spotter all day, we talked to other teams who said they saw lots of spotters. My wife and I were probably too busy to notice all the spotters.

                                  And thanks to InnerSpace and Dustysage for letting my wife and I buy tickets at the last minute!

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                                    Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                                    Yes, thanks to every single person that Charlie mentioned (tnd to Charlie too!!) This was such a great event... well planned and just NICE. I had a great time!!!

                                    P.S. DlandsfansAZ also made wooden micechat medallion things - totally awesome!
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                                      Re: Circarama's Grateful Gumball Thread

                                      Awesome. Thank you everyone!


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