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Jedi Acadamy ( My thoughts for improvement)


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  • Jedi Acadamy ( My thoughts for improvement)

    Is it me, or does this show seem like something that would travel to elementary schools to promote one of the numerous re-re-re-re-releases of the Star Wars trilogy? Granted it's cute and all to let kids live out their dreams of being a Jedi Master...but, they could have done a better job as far as the show factor is concerned. When it comes to audience volunteers or in this case children...the director's goal should have been..." How can we get the kids involved and at the same time, provide an entertaining show for people who do not have children/children with disabilites/or children who did not get involved during that particular performance." Granted, it's not advertised as a "show" but when you put something like that smack dab in the middle of Tomorrowland, the public will label it as a show. ( I've been a theme park performer and show director for a while now so I have some idea of how to make an entertaining show.) The opening is fine but once the "assembly line" of children starts and lasts for about 20 minutes....well, you've lost the attention of anyone whose child is not waiting in that line. My thoughts for improvement....

    More Star Wars Character appearances! - Kids love 'em...Grown ups love 'em...end of story.

    Where's the Conflict? - You've got two of the biggest bad guys in the Star Wars universe "casually" standing next to the "Jedi Masters"....They act as if there is no struggle between these two... "Forces"... =) Why not have the good guys get captured and leave it up to the kids to save them from the bad guys?...(Gee, it's sounding better already!) (I know what your saying..."Well if they get captured, how are the kids supposed to know what to do? That's where you bring in your "Surprise element in the show"...imagine the kid's faces if at that moment of capture Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker showed up! The audience would go nuts!

    Supporting Characters are always better at being the funny man - In other words...rather than the Jedi's trying to make the laughs, let them do their job and get a supporting character up there for the kids to have a nice giggle now and then and throw in a few "adult" jokes for the parent's to have a nice laugh. (By adult jokes you know what I mean...Pixar type adult humor) Also, trying embarrassing the parents a little. Kids laugh, adults laugh...Yay.

    FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!! HAVE A GOOD ENDING!!!! - The Yoda voice over at the end is a complete cop out!!! We now live in a time where children know that the voice is just being played and he's not speaking live. They want to see him!!!! As soon as his voice emits from the speakers everyone looks around and to their disappointment...NADDA! For goodness sake, get a puppeteer. It will look more realistic than the Yoda in the prequels by far!

    Element of Surprise! - Give the audience something to really remember. Why not after the show ends and the "bad guys" go beneath the stage have the stage rise back up with the cantina band to play that all too familiar song...people love it, great exit.

    These are just some of my thoughts on the new show...Granted, If I had the time and budget, I think I'd have quite a nice show going on in Tomorrowland...oh, but who am I kidding...IM still in Fantasyland..."Say, what's going on in that vacant theater over there?....."

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