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SIX new photo albums - TLT stage has plants, PP area walled off in DCA, much more


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  • SIX new photo albums - TLT stage has plants, PP area walled off in DCA, much more

    A LOT of new albums since Wednesday....

    Let's start with the newest, from Monday, 10/2/06

    New Ads on the Ticket Booths

    New Banners in the center of the Main Entrance Plaza plugging "Where Dreams Come True"

    Tomorrowland Landing opened on Monday, they have 2 of the new computerized embroidering machines

    Tomorrowland Terrace Stage is now finished, as plants were installed on the rooftop, bringing back the Rolly Crump look completely

    A look at the DLR Dream FASTPASS

    Autopia is closed, as a large crane has been placed on the roadway, blocking all 4 lanes.

    Walls are up at Paradise Pier, blocking off a large portion of it for the Midway Mania construction

    s.s. rustworthy remains closed

    And then from Sunday, October 1st

    Guide Dog event at DtD

    A look at the Dream Ears and Pin Lanyard prizes from YOAMD

    The new buttons that are given away at City Hall

    The new Popcorn Bucket

    And Saturday, September 30th

    The Golden Horseshoe is back from refurb, not too many changes (just an addition of an Ice Cream cooler behind the bar)

    Some of the WDCT merchandise that is for sale

    The bands are back at Tomorrowland Terrace, and a look at the Stage in its raised position

    Friday, September 29th

    The ads have been changed at the Mickey and Friends Tram loading area

    New banners in DtD

    The outside of the Golden Screams Theater

    The last of the Pumpkin heads have been installed at the Main Entrance

    The new Pumpkin "floral" Mickey in front of the Train Station

    The new Main Street Pumpkin Festival

    The carved pumpkins installed around the Partners Statue

    The new Woody's Halloween Round-up area

    Port Royal is open for business

    New electronic wait time board for Splash is being installed near the HMH exit

    And two albums from Thursday, September 28th...

    The standard stuff...

    The Disney Vault 28 sign has been installed

    Lots of Pumpkins have been installed

    A ride on the Autopia before it closes to grab Sub Lagoon photos

    A LOT of night shots with a tripod

    The first look at Haunted Mansion Holiday (Open for a private after hours party)

    Installing Pumpkin heads at Midnight at the Main Entry Plaza

    Removing ads at the Mickey and Friends Tram loading area

    And then an album of the stuff Disney did for the Private Party, "Quest for the Gold" in which Disney gathered winners from various contests for a chance to win $50,000
    Check out my Theme Park Photos at

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