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Club 33 article in DVC member magazine


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  • Club 33 article in DVC member magazine

    I meant to mention this a few weeks back when it came out, but the latest magazine for Disney Vacation Club members has a two-page article on Club 33. It has an extensive interview with the Club manager, and goes into a lot of detail about the Club, mentions prices (looks like the initiation fee has gone up), etc. Of particular interest to some MiceChatters is the discussion of the wait list (I know a few people here are on that list). Though I'm sure we all know this, it mentions that a member has to fail to renew before someone from the wait list is invited to join. But it goes on to say that last year, every single member renewed. Not one new membership opened up. If that trend continues, it's really going to have an effect on the wait list!

    Just thought y'all might want to know.

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    Re: Club 33 article in DVC member magazine

    Could you PM me with the new membership fees?
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      Re: Club 33 article in DVC member magazine

      Actually, I'll happily post them here, but I'm at the office and the magazine is at home!


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        Re: Club 33 article in DVC member magazine

        Sometimes it helps just to go directly to the source. It seems that the numbers quoted in the article were wrong. They are as has been stated before:

        $20k for corporate
        $10k for limited corporate
        $7,500 for Gold (individual)
        Silver membership is no longer offered but current silver members may still renew at the silver level.

        I did also find out that it's actually been a couple of years since new memberships were offered.


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