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"a bug's land" opening events October 2002


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  • "a bug's land" opening events October 2002

    October 7th marks the 4th anniversary of the opening of DCA's "a bug's land". It was a really fun well-planned and packaged event,

    a bug's life director John Lasseter, actor Dave Foley, Flik, Disneyland Resort President Cynthia Harriss and others were on hand for the "unearthing" of the new "a bug's land," October 7, 2002 at Disney's California Adventure park in Anaheim, Calif. Inspired by the Disney/Pixar animated film, a bug's life, the new "a bug's land" is designed for kids ages 4 to 7 to look at life from a bug's point of view, with everyday items taking on huge proportions. Three key areas in the land are "Flik's Fun Fair," "It's Tough To Be A Bug" 3-D adventure and the Bountiful Valley Farm

    The fun kicked off with a media event on Oct. 6th with our host Mickey greeting us

    and themed hors d' oeuvres, cocktails and rides on the new attractions throughout the new land. Then followed dinner in the Bountiful Farms area with entertainment by a "Beatles tribute band" (not The Fab Four and can't recall their name) and the triumphant return of the giant ice sculpture martini bar! The first one in DCA had been one of the most popular attractions at the opening events in February 2001.
    Then everyone was escorted to DTD's House of Blues for more evening fun and then off to the GCH for the night.

    Opening day had alot of guests and small events scheduled, the best held in the theatre that nows houses Turtle Talk with Crush, a private concert by Academy Award winner Alan Menken where he performed and shared stories of creating the music for Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast, Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Disney's Anne Hamburger then conducted a video conference with Francesca Zambello from France showing rehearsals of DCA's soon to arrive, "Aladdin - A Musical Spectacular".
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    Re: "a bug's land" opening events October 2002

    Happy 4th Birthday to
    Heimlich's Chew Chew Train!!!

    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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      Re: "a bug's land" opening events October 2002

      They did offer tickets for an Annual Passholder event
      in Bug's Land, which was handled fairly well. It wasn't
      a pin or merchandise event, but still was nice to have
      that area of the park to a limited number of people for
      a two hour window. A rice krispy treat, juice, and
      a limited edition pin were given to the attendees. I
      believe the charge was $10 or $15 dollars.

      At that event, I did go on all the FFF attractions at that
      time, and have only ridden one those rides (Heimlich's
      chew chew Train) once since that time.

      This is one of the most detailed area's of DCA, picture
      candy EVERYWHERE! Really beatiful! BUT, and this
      is a BIG BUT~ this area was designed specifically for
      little kids in mind, however the minimum height requirements
      for some of the attractions tend to nullify the very reason
      for the existence of FFF.

      Tuck and Roll's "bumper cars" do have cute little phrases
      that Tuck and Roll say as the "car" drive around, BUT
      the "car" move slower than any other kiddie carney attraction

      Princess Dot's Puddle Park is cutely themed, but it was about
      the 4th water play area in DCA. Enough is Enough!!!

      Flik's Flyers - themed nicely, but so limited for attendance.

      Francis Lady Bug Boogie ~ themed cute, BUT even MORE limited
      for attendance, only 6 (or is it 8) vehicle!

      Heimlich's Chew Chew Train ~ again great in theme , BUT, as
      some else stated, the ride last as long as driving a riding mower
      around a Target Garden center! WAY TOO SHORT A TRACK!!!

      And certaily have to mention the entry to FFF is a cereal box
      (Cowboy Crunchies), and the Restroom is themed to a tissue
      box, (with cricket sounds being played in the rest room)
      Absolutely top notch in theme! But, Is Flik's Fun Fair actually
      fun? As I noticed back in July, the "FUN" portion on the signage
      to FFF was no longer there ~ have they discovered the FFF
      is really not that much fun? That it's height requirements
      do not allow for the "target audience" to even participate in
      the attractions, let alone have fun? That the "Bummper Cars"
      do NOT allow for BUMPING due to the excrutiatingly slow pace,
      that Heimlich's nose practically touches his tail for how short
      the track is, the Lady Bug Boogie, is fun for about 6 people
      at one time, for how few vehicles there are, It needs at LEAST
      twice as many vehicles! And are people who ARE tall enough
      to experience all the attractions in this area actually wanting
      to come back and "experience" again on a future trip??

      Actually ex perience of all the area attractions, D.

      Overall Grade for this place a C+

      Not much better than the rest of the park on opening day.

      SO after 4 years, this land does get an "A" in Theme
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