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AP's and Fast Pass?


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  • AP's and Fast Pass?

    Got a question for all you Deluxe AP holders. Im about to purchase 2 Deluxe DLR California AP's for my wife and I. I was wondering how AP's work in relation to FP. I know normally you shove your park hopper paper ticket into the FP machine but the AP's are hard plastic. Do you still shove that in the FP machine? Do they give you paper tickets for use in ghte FP machines? Or is FP just not part of AP. Sorry if this is a stupid question

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    Not stupid at all...

    Yes, you use the AP just as though it was a paper ticket. It has the barcode on the back. Slide it in and pull out your fastpass! It's that simple.

    Did you consider getting one Deluxe and one Premium. You don't have to get both of them the same. We are a family of six, but only I have the Premium Pass, the rest are deluxes. Works out great for us.

    Enjoy your new passes.


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      Considered it but at best I will only bee able to use the AP's 2 times before they expire. Didnt see that the premium was worth the extra cash in my situation. I live in Sacramento CA and dont get the opportunity to make the trek as often as I'd like to.

      Thanks for answering so quick


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        so in the next year you would only use them 2 times? you know that it is a full year from the ady that you buy them right?... they dont expire in December
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          right and with the discounts and parking- one premium per family can really help out. Thats what my parents and I did.


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            Well LIke I said I don't drive to the park so the parking is out and I will only be able to go 2 times in the next 12 months


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              Originally posted by DLRDCA_Jerry
              Well LIke I said I don't drive to the park so the parking is out and I will only be able to go 2 times in the next 12 months
              I also just have DAPs. COming in from out of town, I stay at hotels on Harbor and don't need free parking. The 10% shopping discount is nice, but I'm not sure I'd come close to spending $1000 required to justify the $100 higher price.


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                OH CRUD!!!

                I almost let this slip by.

                I bought 3 DAP vouchers less than a month ago, and now only need 2. Gladly sell one for $30 off. Must be processed by July 1.


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