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Media Day on the 4th.


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  • Media Day on the 4th.

    For those of you who have never been "lucky" enough to be in on this type of thing, I was wondering if anybody here would like to hear from someone who was there on the 4th, as media, who is just one of the regular group. I was there as Media Guest, with a photographer (he works for the same company and is the guy who takes care of my computer and such, and has a nice digital camera) and we had acces to everything that went on.

    But, being first and formost rabid Disneyland fans, we had a little different experience than most. I will have the pictures by tomorrow as we have them at work right now; I have to write the story and pick the images for the story for the newspaper, but we are going to burn them to a cd tomorrow so I can bring them home. I will figure out a way to post them with the article, that is if anyone here is interested in hearing my side of what went on Wednesday, who I met and talked to :bow: and what we did that was probably different than what most media people did, and who we gave a Disneyland history lesson to while there. :lol:

    And for those who read the post where I asked about availability of the 6-CD set set Golden Vinyl Record, I got mine at the Park yesterday. They had a lot. I guess now they are sold out according to a news post on Mouse Planet.
    So I guess this was just meant to happen the strange way it did. (Twighlight Zone Music here).
    Peter Pan Forever!!! I Will Never Grow Up.

    Thank You Poisonedapples

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