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  • hidden 50s

    i went to disneyland on the 5th and went to city hall and asked a cast member if they had a list of the hidden 50s . . . they said "no, then they wouldnt be hidden"

    so i was wondering if anybody has found all 50 (or close) and would like to share the list (not the pictures, i want to find them myself)


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    I went yesterday and got a list and a map...but I had already found all of them, just didn't realize the main street ones where each counted individually. They even have a book in City Hall tha thas pictures of each one.


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      here are the ones i found

      1. Haunted mansion,
      2. On the astro orbitor
      3. tom sawyers island
      4. mr. lincoln theatre
      5. 2 in toon town
      7. 2 in New Orleans
      9. 2 on the Columbia
      11. Big Thunder Mountain
      12. Exit of fronteirland
      13. tiki room
      14. Indy
      15. Jungle Cruise
      16. It's a Small World
      17. 20 down Main Street
      37. 2 on either side of Main st. station
      39. top of laser thingy in tomorrowland
      40. teacup ride
      41. Shooting gallery
      42. Mark twain
      43. splash mountain
      44. critter county train rail
      45. entrance to disneyland
      46 mr. toads wild ride

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        Here is the complete list...

        1-13 Main Street Lamp Posts
        14. Mickey Floral
        15. Train Station- Main Entrance
        16. Train Station- Main Street
        17. Walt Disney Story Theatre
        18. City Hall
        19. Sleeping Beauty Castle
        20. Sleeping Beauty Castle Courtyard
        21. Tiki Room
        22. Jungle Cruise
        23. Frontierland Canteens and Barrels
        24. Frontierland Shooting Gallery
        25. Frontierland Indian
        26. Big Thunder Water Tower
        27. Mark Twain
        28. Tom Sayer Island Hanging Tubs
        29. Indiana Jones Relic
        30. Pirates of the Caribbean
        31. New Orleans Street Banner
        32. New Orleans Railing
        33. Columbia Bowsprit
        34. Columbia Stern
        35. Haunted Mansion
        36. Splash Mountain Critter
        37. Country Trestl
        38. Stagecoach
        39. Pinocchio Weather Vane
        40. Toad Hall
        41. Tea Cups Lantern
        42. Matterhorn Crest
        43. Astro Orbiter
        44. Observatron
        45. Imagination Institute
        46. Innoventions
        47. Small World Clock
        48. Roger Rabbit - Benny The Cab
        49. Jolly Trolley Station
        50. Mickey's House


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          thank you guys SOOOOO much!!


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            im kinda bummed that all those on main street count individually . . .

            i wanted to look for more


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              Where is the one on the Mark Twain?
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                Originally posted by DL_CRAZE
                Where is the one on the Mark Twain?
                right on the front . . . under the banner . . . it's small


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                  we found em all, and got some sweet pics of all of them too!
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