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who loves the fireworks show?


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  • who loves the fireworks show?

    I just loved the fireworks show, who out there loved it besides me and what was your best part of the show?

    Orlando doing good
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    I do! And, my favorite part is the mansion (stretching room) section! ...although, I listened to the audio twice on my way to class today and enjoyed the WHOLE show thurroughly!
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      Originally posted by tiggergrl
      I just loved the fireworks show, who out there loved it besides me and what was your best part of the show?
      I personally was disappointed. It is a good fireworks show, but more emphasis is put on the audio then on the fireworks and there appear to be less large scale shells than Believe. Don't get me wrong they did a good job. I just love pyro and this show is more than a pyro show.

      Furthermore, I was surrounded by people who had to recite EVERY FREAKIN' WORD in the hub last night. Honestly, folks do it a few weeks down the road, but on the first night can all of the Disney fans just shut up. Oh sorry, I'm rude, but honestly it is very annoying if you're there to just take in the show for the first time. Silence can be a beautiful thing. Obviously, I am doubtful that I will ever get to see the show uninterrupted in the hub, so I'll be back to watching from the parking structure alone with my special audio link.

      Overall, a good show, but a little less than what I expected.


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        My non DL-crazed friend had this to say:

        "You seen the fireworks show? S--t man! I watched it on Monday at work. The Materhorn firing a cannon at another ride! $100,000 in fireworks a day! Yeah!

        You have to get excited about this when your boss loves Disneyland enough to go 3 times a week."

        He video taped it.
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          I am going to admit something. I am not a fan of loud noises, so seeing fireworks in person is not something I do. However I love watching them on TV and on videos. this show is really cool. I really love the "E-Tickets" portion with all the park audio. Has anyone been able to document where each piece of music or speil comes from (that would probably be a cool contest)?

          Disney really has done a great job. I am amazed with the castle effects (like the shooting gallery) and didn't know it was possible to choreograph pinwheels.

          so yes I love the show...but from a distance LOL
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            i loved it! the best part was the indiana jones and star wars part it was so awesome! even though i wasnt at the actual thing, but i did watch it on a video on the net.

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              The fireworks show was one of the best shows I have ever seen, and it was worth waiting all day for the front of the Hub. I came right after class just to see POD and Remember, and they were both excellent.


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                OH MY GOSH !!
                That was the all time best best fireworks show I have seen Disney put on !!
                The audio was great. It was great to see Disney not afraid to step up and spend that kind of money on a daily basis. Lets hope down the road that they dont decide to edit it.

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