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DCA's Block Party Bash!!!!!


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    I have a question about the parade. I thought there were Nerf balls being used to hit the targets on the cones. They were throwing beach balls at the targets and, of course, they couldn't even make it to the targets. What happened to the Nerf balls?
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      First off, it is an entertainment "event", not a parade...

      Originally posted by A CM from a post at

      Actually, as cast members we are told not to call it a parade, because it simply isn't one. Its a bash, a show, a street party. Definitely not a parade.
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        Originally posted by Darkbeer
        First off, it is an entertainment "event", not a parade...
        Aww, we can't call it a parade? But it does travel down the parade route. And it sounds strange to call them "entertainment event floats" (versus parade floats)... Yes, yes, I should know better... parade, party, celebration, street spectacular, etc...


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          who cares it looks AWESOME!


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            Originally posted by Moving Sidewalk
            Aww, we can't call it a parade? But it does travel down the parade route.
            actually in dca the parade route is called the "performance corridor"
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              Well, on, they used to list it as an entertainment event, but now it is listed under parades. So, call it a parade/street show!


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                I dont care what its called it looks cool either way.


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                  I was surprised by the amount of pixar characters they were able to bring to life! I would have to say that Heimlich is my favorite...
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                    OK, the Green Army Men where really funny, they run the show really...

                    The dancers put out a lot of energy, you have to give them a hand...

                    The event floats are well thought out and fun to watch...

                    But I didn't like the "dance" sequince... And I was not really liking the music or the tempo of it... You want to talk about not cool... I would rather do the Hussle than Staying Alive, and I would rather do Rock Lobster over the Macarena... And what is with Kool and the Gang on speed? The song is jubalent enough, and they increased the tempo making it awful...

                    Ok, enough griping... All and all, it was OK... I don't think it really is something that is going to drive people into the park over a long term basis...
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                      Originally posted by keith - SuPeR K!
                      actually in dca the parade route is called the "performance corridor"
                      Is that so? :confused: The Entertainment Times Guide (at least the ones for May 16-May 19 & May 20-May 22) lists Block Party Bash under "Stage Shows & Parades", with the note "Party Zones along Parade Route".

                      And they call the Cast Member leads for Block Party Bash: "Parade 1, Parade 2, and Parade 3"

                      In the end, call it whatever you like. But for a board like this where people seem to like abbreviations and don't bother to capitalize the first word in a sentence, you should be a bit more forgiving-- after all it's quicker to type "parade" vs. "entertainment event"...


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                        When I first read about Block Party Bash, and that was month's ago, the explanation was. "Spontaneous entertainment with characters happening many times throughout the day". Sounds like they changed their minds and made it one big event, paradelike, with an actual showtime. I guess the otherway, people would not have known when it was happening, and therfore, could not schedule it into their day.

                        Either way, we are looking forward to catching it when we are there for the anniversary. We are coming for 7 days, 6 nights, and have scheduled 2 days to visit DCA. Traveling with 4 kids, we want to be able to leisurely visit both parks and not be rushed to do everything in 2 days. Besides we are there for the 17th of July, and that day, we may not get near a ride, but we are sure to be kept busy with other anniversary things, like pin shopping, trading, penny smashing, parade, fireworks and Fantasmic watching. Everything sounds wonderful.


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                          can anyone find a full length video for me? I wont be able to experience this until summer.


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