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PHOTO UPDATE 10/6: Pushing the YOMD, TomorrowLanding, Mad Hatter, Midway Mania, +MORE


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  • PHOTO UPDATE 10/6: Pushing the YOMD, TomorrowLanding, Mad Hatter, Midway Mania, +MORE

    It's never boring at the Disneyland Resort. My friends always ask me what I do when I go and how I don't get bored with it... But with all of these construction walls, a re-emerging Tomorrowland, the Year of a Million Dreams... well, how could you possibly get bored to begin with? Maybe I'm just a total geek - but hey, I'm having fun - so who cares. So welcome to another update - and it's a big one! I've got about 50 pictures up, so let's get to it!

    These banners have replaced the 50th Anniversary banners in the esplanade. They're the same art, same style at the banners popping up at Walt Disney World, as seen in Kevin Yee's Oct. 5th column.

    With the huge HalloweenTime jack-o-lanterns above the turnstiles, you'd think that they'd give the turnstile buildings some TLC, so this kind of wear & tear wouldn't be seen. It's nothing major, but its noticeable when gazing up at those awesome Fab 5 jack-o-lanterns.

    The floral/pumpkin Mickey is beginning to bloom - his mask is now a deep maroon color, and the vine of floral jack-o-lanterns are now orange. But what in this next picture, doesn't belong? cough50!cough

    Some patching and re-paining is going on on the side of the store:

    ..And the store itself is now open. But you won't find many gifts from outer and/or liquid space here, unless, you're lookin' for a lightsaber. Other than that, you'll just get some hats, from planet Earth.

    The check-out counter has a cool counter though. It looks better in person..

    The Tomorrowland Terrace got plants - just like in the old days, and nifty new "Tomorrowland Terrace" signs:

    Chuck was hangin' out around the Terrace before a showing of the Jedi Training Academy

    The center walkway towards the stage is blocked off prior to and during showtimes

    A couple shots of the goings-on at the Matterhorn...


    Good-bye gold: the top of the Storybook Land lighthouse is back in black:

    Mad Hatter is finally re-opened... I'm not sure what was changed in the shop 'cause I'm not sure if I had ever been inside before. So sorry if these pictures don't show anything new or relevant...

    This isn't wallpaper - it's painted on the wall!

    They've been back for at least a couple weeks, but the jumping fish across from Big Thunder have returned. They had been turned off, or simply not working for a while now... but they're back.

    Pluto and Goofy were out having fun by the jumping fish:

    Fortune Red may be gone, but the Pieces of Eight machine has returned to New Orleans Square. It's not in the store that bears the same name, but Port Royal will do. They just need to get the machine fixed! Hopefully it won't be "out of order" for too long.
    Get yer personalized piece (hopefully soon) for only $2!

    The Sunshine Plaza at DCA got some more falltime decorations in the planters. Looks good.

    The construction walls are up, Midway Mania is on it's way!

    ...And it's a LONG contruction wall!

    A door over by the restrooms was mysteriously wide open. Careless CM or some kid messing around? Who knows, but its interesting cause these doors aren't typically unlocked... But since I got there are the right time when the door was open, I snapped a couple photos
    Unfortunately, not too much is going on... but they have ripped out all of the seating area for Strips, Chips, & Dips.

    A nice shot of Grizzly Peak and the moon:


    They're serious with this Year of a Million Dreams stuff- merch is everywhere, much like the 50th and Pirates merch was...

    At Greetings From California at DCA:

    They have expanded upon the line of "retro" DCA merch, and the offerings are pretty nice:

    I can't complain though - we've gotten a great follow-up to the 50th retro line out the deal, and the new retro stuff is just as cool as the previous line. Here are the new retro pins:

    They also have a pin for the Year of a Million Dreams:

    But it does show how cheap this whole marketing campaign really is, when even the window displays are laughable. I mean, they're so bare!

    And the cool Tomorrowland 50th display at the Star Trader is now a shiny, minimalistic merch display.

    I mean, even your dessert is pushing the Dreams on you! Gag!

    Although, I find it interesting that the cups and napkins have just removed the "50" from the logo instead of being switched out with "DisneyParks" logo.

    ...Well, anyway - that's it.

    Hope you enjoyed the update
    Last edited by MasterGracey; 10-07-2006, 06:10 PM.

    Photos, news, and commentary every week from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!

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    Originally posted by MasterGracey
    OMG!! O! M! G! YES YES YES YES YES! I'm buying one tomorrow =D


    • #3
      Re: PHOTO UPDATE 10/6: Pushing the YOMD, TomorrowLanding, Mad Hatter, Midway Mania, +

      You know..I saw all the great new pins out and just about cried that I'm not a millionaire and can't buy all these. But I didn't see this one! I would have bought it. I like it.

      Thanks for the report!

      Ta Da!


      • #4
        Originally posted by almandot View Post
        OMG!! O! M! G! YES YES YES YES YES! I'm buying one tomorrow =D
        It was out of order yesterday - it may still be out of order tomorrow. Let us know if it is/isn't.

        Photos, news, and commentary every week from Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom!


        • #5
          Re: PHOTO UPDATE 10/6: Pushing the YOMD, TomorrowLanding, Mad Hatter, Midway Mania, +

          the coin thing is back...

          oh happy day!!!! last time i saw these working was back in 2000. i shall get at least one or two

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          • #6
            WOW is all I can say! Thank you so much for these pictures. It's amazing the amount of wall they put up so that nobody can see underneath California Screamin'. Thanks again!



            • #7
              Thanks for the pixs
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              • #8
                Your photo reports are appreciated.

                I don't mind the dreams stuff so long as it says Disneyland. I actually like the cloud motif.


                • #9
                  great pics! thanx for sharing!
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                  • #10

                    pieces of eight better be working tomorrow

                    ill have lots of cash ready ... im gonna make lots


                    • #11
                      Re: PHOTO UPDATE

                      Really fantastic report! I love the photos. I agree that those bear window displays embarrassing. Disneyland used to have such magical windows for the Emporium, filled with movement and humor. Those are just sad looking.
                      Jiminy Cricket Fan

                      Love Disneyland and Walt Disney World!


                      • #12
                        Re: PHOTO UPDATE 10/6: Pushing the YOMD, TomorrowLanding, Mad Hatter, Midway Mania

                        What a change one week makes. Thanks for the photo update. Very nice.
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                        • #13
                          The Year of a Million Dreams is being pushed way too much.

                          But I was in DCA today and that row of palm trees along the boardwalk that have now been ripped out show even more of the tacky Mailburitos and Strips, Dips & Chips signs and buildings. I can't wait for them to tear them out and get rid of all those concrete slabs.


                          • #14
                            Re: PHOTO UPDATE 10/6: Pushing the YOMD, TomorrowLanding, Mad Hatter, Midway Mania, +

                            The 3rd pic had some dry rot showin, hope they take care of that, doesn't look so nice. but great pics! greatly enjoyed
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                              Re: PHOTO UPDATE 10/6: Pushing the YOMD, TomorrowLanding, Mad Hatter, Midway Mania

                              Great update MG!

                              How could anyone get bored at DL when there is the Disneyland Riverboat Game??!!! :lol:

                              I was "talked into" buying 5 new pins by the best sales person DL has ever seen (the one, the only... MasterGracey!), the "YOAMD" included, and love them all! :wave:

                              My sister-in-law has been waiting for the Pieces of Eight coin machiene to come back forever!!! When I saw it the other day I was so excited I almost died! Too bad it was "out of order"!!! ahhhhhhrrrrg :verymad:
                              So what...? Are we gonna hold all future meets at the Pieces of Eight machiene from now on cuz we will all be in line wating our turn?
                              hahaha :lol:

                              p.s. Thanks for my awesome new YOAMD mug!!
                              I'm addicted and I don't care!!! :yea:


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