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  • The Thread of Thanks

    With all the complaining about so amny things around Disneyland I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we can all just talk about the things in Disneyland we can be thankful for.

    Please don't post anything negative or sarcastic just share what YOUR thankful for!

    My List -

    - I'm thankful Disneyland is around and that I get to enjoy it!
    - I'm thankful for the cast members (cause imagine Disneyland without them!)
    - I'm thankful for Splash Mountain in the summer
    - I'm thankful for Mr Toad's Wild Ride in the winter ( I want to get stuck in the 'hell' scene!)
    - I'm thankful for everyone else who's a Disney fanatic for not making me feel like the ONLY crazy person around!

    and while I'm at it...
    - Despite how big or small the 'dreams' are for the new promo I'm thankful they thought to do the promo at all.
    - Wheather they change TSI or not I'm thankful it was around as long as it was and that I was able to have fun there.

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    Re: The Thread of Thanks

    I'm thankful to the staff of Ariel's Grotto who made my Grandfather's 95th Birthday special.
    I'm thankful that Walt had a dream, and shared it with all of us.
    I'm thankful that I could take my wife there on our honeymoon, and we could return with our kids 15 years later.


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      Re: The Thread of Thanks

      I'm thankful for having a place that transcends teen hood and allows a bond between my teen/adult kids and myself.

      I'm thankful to the CMs that are part of Fantasmic! crew who have put up with us for years!

      I'm thankful for all the CMs who bring their extra cans to work to donate to Disney, who in turn donates them to our charity to help support service dogs.

      I'm thankful for all the little things the CMs at Disneyland do that make that little extra magic happen.
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        Re: The Thread of Thanks

        I'm thankful Disneycarnivora put up this positive post.

        I'm thankful I have the means to go to DL frequently and enjoy the park.
        I'm thankful the park still holds magic for so many.
        I'm thankful to all who make our days in the park memorable (the Disney team).
        I'm thankful that, like Malcon10t, that DL transcends all generations and a day in the park brings families together.
        I'm thankful that the park is ever changing and things are frequently new and/or updated so we continue to enjoy it for years to come (without getting bored).


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          Re: The Thread of Thanks

          I'm thankful I get to spend my birthday at Disneyland with my sister, brother-in-law and niece next month.

          I'm thankful Disneyland is still around after 50 years!

          I'm thankful that a trip to Disneyland can make any bad day magical!


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            Re: The Thread of Thanks

            I am thankful for almost eight years living, learning and growing while working at Disneyland - still by far the best overall work experience I've ever had.

            I am thankful for the many very wonderful and almost always friendly CM's that I have encountered in my working and visiting the park for 45 years and counting.

            I am thankful for the truly awesome crew at the Grand Californian for making our recent stay there extra special.

            I am thankful for a wonderful place located at 1313 South Harbor Blvd, Anaheim CA (better known as Disneyland, USA) for so many wonderful memories, and for the new adventures to be encountered in the future.

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              Re: The Thread of Thanks

              I'm thankful for the Disneyland Hotel pools that my friends and I visit during the summer.

              I'm thankful for the times when Buzz Lightyear's AstroBlasters stops for a few minutes and you get extra time to get more points.

              I'm thankful for the CMs that take care of all the dirty work behind the scenes.

              I'm thankful for the tortillas and pieces of sourdough bread that they give out in DCA!

              My best score ever!


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                Re: The Thread of Thanks

                First and foremost, I am thankful Walt built that wonderful place.
                I am thankful it has blessed so many people and continues to every day.
                I am thankful for the CM's that make our visits special.
                I am thankful for having been able to go on the rides that are no longer there. If TSI does go away, I am thankful for the times I have spent there.
                I am thankful for all the special times I have had there and look forward to having many more.
                I am thankful for all the wonderful imagineers that have put thier own special creativity into the park.
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                  Re: The Thread of Thanks

                  I am thankful for
                  ...the art and creativity of the Imagineers.
                  ...still being able to feel like a kid at Disneyland.
                  ...experiencing Club 33.
                  ...actors who create special characters for us to enjoy forever (Johnny Depp/Capt Jack, Ellen Degeneres/Dori, etc., Tom Hanks/Woody, etc, etc!
                  ...all the memories I have with family and friends.
                  ...the cast members who also help make our memories special.
                  ...Disneyland food (churros, tigger tails, blue bayou meals, mickey ice cream, mickey shapped waffles)


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                    Re: The Thread of Thanks

                    I'm thankful...
                    For the smiles on everyones faces.
                    For the laughter and joy.
                    That a man believed in his dream enough to make it real.
                    That magic really does exist.
                    For the many who have believed in the dream since then.
                    For my own dreams, inspired by this wonderful place.
                    For the chance to never grow up.
                    For every Cast Member who has put on a smile despite a bad day.

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                      Re: The Thread of Thanks

                      I'm Thankful for everything "Disney"


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                        Re: The Thread of Thanks

                        I'm thankful that there is a Disneyland.

                        This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.


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