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Tiny 10/12/06 report


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  • Tiny 10/12/06 report

    Had the opportunity to spend a "daddy day" with one of my twins at the park. We didn't get into the parking structure till 11:20, and parked in Goofy level. I figured this might promise a pretty empty park, since the last time I went we got there at 10AM and had to park in in Minnie level. Even RideMax indicated smallish crowds, according to their estimated wait times.

    The place was packed. Absurdely packed. On Thursday the 12th.

    Here are some sample wait time estimates from RideMax versus reality:
    (RideMax) Reality
    POC: (15) 25 (both queues up)
    SpcMtn: (20) 40-60
    JC (10) 25
    Buzz (15) 25
    BigThdr (17) 25-30 (Fastpass was not running)
    Pooh (10) 20

    At 11:45, Splash Mountain fastpass return time was 3:45
    At noon, Space Mountain fastpass return time was 8:30
    Buzz fastpasses were still available at 7pm
    Mansion fastpasses were still available at 4pm

    Note to Disney: The side-by-side seats in the Splash Mountain logs are REALLY uncomfortable.

    Star Tours had a single queue, that was running at a snail's pace (1-2 sims). Wait time claimed 20 min. Took 40. Seeing at the once cutting-edge C3PO animatronic made me appreciate the Buzz animatronic even more. Really looking forward to a Star Tours update in the future.

    Nightmare "overlay" was incredicle! This was my first time seeing it. I hesitate to even call it an overlay because very little of the original ride can even be seen. Has it always been this way, or have they added more elements each year? LOVED the singing pumpkins.

    Had an excelent lunch at Cafe Orleans. 30 min wait for table for 2. Monte Cristo made me feel like a kid again. Pirate show and Jazz show were great.

    At 4, we decided to eascape the crowds and moved to DCA. RideMax had Monsters Inc at 5 min all day. Was 15-20.

    One interesting thing happened at Turtle Talk. It was 5:27, and we were waiting for the final doors to open for the 5:30 show, when an announcement was made over the loudspeakers: "We have been informed that all shows have been cancelled and the building is to be evacuated immediately. Plase proceed to the entrance through which you entered the building." Everyone filed out quickly, and I explained to my son that "Crush wasn't feeling well". Within 15 minutes, the building was open again, but no more shows for the day. Anyone want to guess what happened?

    Since wait times on ToT and Soarin were 40 min, we headed over to Bug's Land. Nice theming but incredibly cheap carnival rides. Tuck & Roll cars were the slowest bumper cars I have ever seen. We both loved the Muppet show.

    So my son didn't get to go on many rides this trip, but we took it in stride. It was his first trip since passing 40", so it was supposed to open many new doors. Space Mountain will have to wait till next time.

    I'll let the RideMax people that their gate estimate was waaaay off. Every CM I talked to said the day was unusually packed, but the past two weeks have been heavier than normal.
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    Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

    Wow that is odd about the evacuation. I'll have to ask my friends that work in the animation building what happened...

    And WOW that is crazy about the crowds. I guess the halloween promotion is working, eh?
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      Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

      Awesome report.


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        Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

        That sounds insane for a Thursday, but my guess is that people are trying to go before the rain this weekend. I seriously hope it pours tomorrow. RAIN, RAIN, MAKE THE CROWDS AND STROLLERS GO AWAY!
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          Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

          And you all thought with the 50th brought the ends of the crowds.. AHAHAHAHA the 50th has shown people disneyland is a sweet place to go, whenever they want!

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            Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

            no, no, say it isnt so!
            im going next weekend...
            WHY IS IT SO BUSY?!?!?!?!?
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              Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

              I have friends visiting from both Utah (UEA Convention for teachers) and Arizona (fall break). They're visiting DL while they're here on break. They all go back on Sunday. Notice all the AZ and UT license plates? My friend who went on Wednesday asked me what was going on. He'd never seen so many out of state (from mostly 2 states) cars around DL before.
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                Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

                Originally posted by Disney Analyst View Post
                And you all thought with the 50th brought the ends of the crowds.. AHAHAHAHA the 50th has shown people disneyland is a sweet place to go, whenever they want!
                I agree with Chernabog. People love Halloween and they're headed to the park to see it decorated. Disney scores.


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                  Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

                  What amazes me most is that Disney just now caught onto the popularity of Halloween. It's been increasing year after year since what, the early 90s? And they're just now addressing it. Always a day late and a dollar short.

                  But thanks for the great report! It sounds like a really fun day for you guys.
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                    Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

                    It's Fall Break for many school districts, especially Eastern and Northern San Diego and the entire state of Arizona. When you've got 2 or more weeks off of school, you've got to do something!

                    We went last year the last week of my daughter's Fall Break, and it was as crowded as Christmas. The entire state of Arizona seemed to be there then.

                    This year, we went the first week and we went on a Wednesday (the 11th) and while there were crowds, it was VERY light. I did notice lots of Utah and Arizona plates in the parking structure.

                    Walked right on:

                    Haunted Mansion
                    Pooh Bear

                    Less than 10 minutes on:

                    Monsters, Inc.

                    We didn't do Splash Mountain, so I don't know how long the lines were there. Our longest line of the day (for a ride) was at Peter Pan (30 min).

                    We waited 50 min at the Princess Fantasy Faire to meet the Princesses.



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                      Re: Tiny 10/12/06 report

                      You know, as a matter of fact while my son and I were waiting in the 30 minute Haunted Mansion line, I recall a woman saying it was a Utah vacation day and half the state was here. I guess my luck was bad; should have gone on the 11th.


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