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Silly story from Junior Chef


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  • Silly story from Junior Chef

    Making cookies with small children is a messy, dangerous business. That much comes without saying. I experienced this firsthand one day when two cups of flour was thrown in my face while helping the kids with the dry ingredients. I went completely white from my hairline to my upper tummy. Ooh, so special! The children then decided to rename me Mrs. Dusty Woman (!?!?) and called me by that - loudly - for the remainder of the show. One little boy found that he could create small dust clouds by swatting me with his laughing father egging him on. Thanks, dad.

    Normally flour brushes off fairly easily was a humid day and it caked onto my skin before I could get myself cleaned up. Well no worries, right? My shift was about to end and I could make a stop by the dressing room to shower on my way out (no way was I going to put my floury self in my new car!)

    Problem is that the parade was running just as my shift ended and I - of course, as per usual - ended up waiting in a crossing zone for it to pass. I was thus treated to fifteen minutes of parade performers making XD faces and pointing at poor flour-dipped Jen as they passed. Even the rhino 'laughed' at me. If any of the parade folks who saw me happen across this post: I'm glad I proved entertaining for you. You may however want to avoid eating any park-made cookies for a while. It's a thankless job, this cookie making business. But that's okay....I have a lot of karma to burn off.

    - Mrs. Dusty Woman
    sigpic"A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand!"

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    Re: Silly story from Junior Chef

    I've always wanted to participate in JC but I'm 18


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      Re: Silly story from Junior Chef

      But your work is so appreciated!!!!!


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        Re: Silly story from Junior Chef


        It's ok.. at least you can look back and laugh it all.. well.. eventually.. hee hee..

        DISNEYLAND: It even makes science geeks look cool!!


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          Re: Silly story from Junior Chef

          I love the concept of the JC show, and I'm sure you make a lot of little ones very proud and happy. You also probably have the patience of Job. At least now we know the origin of your screen name.
          Mr. Dark
          Writer, Disney geek, madman.


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            Re: Silly story from Junior Chef

            Kudos to you! If you make a child smile (or laugh) you've got it!
            Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
            it's what they are like in their HEART!

            - Wolfette


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