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May 5th photos from the DLR


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  • May 5th photos from the DLR

    My May 5th photos are pretty much done, I might go back and add a few more captions, but there are a few albums...

    The basic general album, including the special ceremony....

    The new 50th Exhibit at the Opera House (I love the new film, they did a great job with it!)

    A look at the Disney Gallery new exhibits...

    And the Block Party Bash at DCA...

    The 4th is still a work in progress.... Have a few hundred more photos to upload

    On Saturday, back to the parks, planning to get some more Fireworks photos, this time from a new location, hopefully to get the larger effects...

    Check out my Theme Park Photos at

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    OOO! Thanks DarkBeer. Definitely going to check these out now. You're an angel.
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      THANK YOU Darkbeer. Your efforts covering DL and SoCA for us fans is *greatly* appreciated!! Great photo albums!!


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        Thanks for the great pictures!


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          :bow: :bow: Thanks darkbeer!

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            My May 4th albums are finally done.....

            A general look at the Park from May 4th, including a look at Main Street at 6:30 with all the trucks on it plus a LOT more...


            The new Junior Chef cookie thing...


            A look at the new and improved Jungle Cruise....


            A nice set of photos from the new Parade of Dreams..


            And a quick look at the Block Party Bash (they decided to cancel the show stop where I was standing


            Check out my Theme Park Photos at


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              You got some great photos! Awesome job! And it was great running into ya at the ceremony!
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                Darkbeer is my hero... i saw you at the park taking pictures of me and my girlfriend ... i felt like is was in the presence of a celebrity... i ended up getting the nerve to start my own smugmug ... im uploading pictures now... hopefully people will enjoy my perspective of the park... i will have the link up once i get some albums uploaded
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                  I can totally find myself in a couple pictures. awesome


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                    ive just uploaded a few pics, im working on my other trips to the park....

                    So, as they say at Big Thunder Mountain -- "Hold on to your hats and glasses cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness!" i like west better



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                      Woo Hoo I found myself in one of the crowd pics from the ceremony!!!!
                      Im so special.


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                        I always love looking at your photo's Darkbeer...
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                            Check out my Theme Park Photos at


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