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Almandot's Halloween Treat 10/13 Report(w/video)


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  • Almandot's Halloween Treat 10/13 Report(w/video)

    You can view all my of images by clicking here.

    There was a LOT of traffic getting towards the garage, but not in the garage itself, and a lightup sign reading "Halloween Event Sold Out" at the divider going towards the parking garage.

    The street decorations with the lights and air streamers were pretty much the same as last year. I think there may have been a few more building projections though, they have nice cobwebs going across buildings as you walk through the park. And eery eyes peering out

    Meanwhile there were dance clubs with different themes and types of music for children's entertainment. Such as the hollywood backlot stage... "bat lot" and the hokey pokey dance club.

    There were several character photo ops throughout the park. But it ended up pounding rain really hard for a few minutes and sent all of them running for cover. They resumed photo ops but did so underneath shelter nearby, which left the well-lit backdrops they'd made unused except for people to make photo ops of their own.

    Oh and the cool thing was that as it rained and everybody ran away, the folks trick or treat stations which were completely out in the open and uncovered wanted to get out of there too. So they started dumping off their candy by the bucket load. My entire bag got filled with mini-snickers. And oh yes.. Apples. Disney was handing out apples too :P Stupid McDonalds lawsuits.

    I couldn't place Minnie's costume, but Mickey had his 2003 Tokyo Halloween costume on. Donald had his old pre-2005 Boo to You(WDW) costume, and Daisy had her 2005 Tokyo Halloween costume on.

    Most of the rides were open until the rain hit. Then things like golden zephyr, etc got closed. The lines were empty at first but as the night wore on they somehow got longer(for screamin and ToT at least). Oddly enough golden screams was closed, and they didn't have the performers outside of tower of terror. Both of those are advertised as Halloween Time activities but they must only be for the normal admittance activities. They could've easily had them open and put a few more villains into golden screams like hook or maleficent.

    At 11:00 they announced the finale ceremony would be starting soon, which it did at 11:15. I missed it last year when I went to watch fantasmic and ride HMH for my birthday, and then found out they played tokyo music(D'oh!). No way on earth I was missing it this year ;P. After the ceremony was over, the girl on the microphone thanked us repeatedly for coming and have a SAFE DRIVE HOME HINT HINT HINT . But on the way out all the characters were lined up to get some last minute pictures.

    "I am smiling!"

    Here's quick video of the final ceremony at the end of the halloween treat. They used tokyo's 2002 halloween music(they used 2004's last year and i was holding my hopes up they'd do 2005 this time because i LOVE It but i like this one too =D)
    Watch the Ceremony Video on youtube

    I'm going to be making an actual Halloween video with everything from the parks during normal days as well as from Halloween treat so I didn't do a lot for this video. Since I hate youtube's quality(and don't usually post on it because of that heh), you can download the video in higher quality ipod format(Quicktime 7 or VLC required).
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    Re: Almandot's Halloween Treat 10/13 Report(w/video)

    Awesome report, Matt!


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      Re: Almandot's Halloween Treat 10/13 Report(w/video)

      Wonderfull video! and pictures thanks for posting and shareing. I love that song though.
      "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." Walt Disney


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        Re: Almandot's Halloween Treat 10/13 Report(w/video)

        Cool..yet another person that I probably passed by that nite!

        Ta Da!


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          Re: Almandot's Halloween Treat 10/13 Report(w/video)

          Probably I guess if I woulda stayed past midnight when security forced us out I would've had to have seen you huh? But alas, I left a while after the ceremony because I had a beer with my name on it waiting at the Lost Bar and was meeting up with Sadako and her friend.

          And in regards to the other comment you sent, I have lots more of everything from the night on video but I'm making a Halloween video with all of their Halloween stuff both in the parks and during MHT, so this was just a snip .


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            Re: Almandot's Halloween Treat 10/13 Report(w/video)

            Great report! Thanks for sharing!

            Happiest Memories on Earth!


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